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Aerarium Saturni- Financial documentation and measures

Album Civium- List of current citizens as maintained by the Censors

Album Gentium- List of current gentes (families) as maintained by the Censors

Current List of Magistrates (with email addresses)

Current List of Priests (with email addresses)

Current List of Senators (with email addresses)

Ludi (Games) - A brief history of entertainment in Roma Antiqua

Collis Capitolinus

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Forum Romanum- Get in touch with other Nova Romans

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The Via Romana

Legal Notices

Except where noted, the contents of this and associated pages within the domain "" are Copyright © 1999 Nova Roma and all rights are reserved. The name "Nova Roma" and the "Gold SPQR Inside a Wreath on a Red Field" flag are use-protected trademarks of Nova Roma. No portion of this material may be republished or redistributed in any way not consistent with the normal technical functioning of the Internet; including, but not limited to, publication in hard copy, republication on other Web sites, posting on newsgroups or email; without express written permission of Nova Roma or its lawfully delegated representative. Links to this material from other sites are welcome, but do not constitute any sort of endorsement of the linking site.


While we have made an effort to be accurate, the Latin found on this site should be treated as "suspect" at all times! If you see any errors in grammar, spelling, etc. please feel free to inform the webmaster. Corrections will be made as soon as possible.


This site was built and much of the content created by Flavius Vedius Germanicus. It is being reworked and maintained by our Curator Aerarium, Gnaeus Tarquinius Caesar, in keeping with Germanicus' hard work and inspiration.

Most of the textual content of these pages is the result of a collaboration between all of the Citizens and Senate of Nova Roma, and it would be generally impossible to tell where the efforts of one individual end and another begin.

Most of the artwork found on these pages is made available courtesy of the Forum Romanum, and are used as per the free-use-for-nonprofit clause found therein. Some photographs come from Maecenas, which has a similar free-use-for-nonprofit policy.

The essay What We Mean by Pagan Reconstructionism is based on a similar essay specific to Celtic Reconstructionism. The original may be found at and is used in this capacity with the kind permission of IMBAS.

Thanks to Quintus Darius Macro, commander of the Legio XX based in Maryland. He and his Legio were kind enough to allow us to use their official Handbook as the basis for much of the material on clothing, weapons, and armor found on our Historical Reenactors page.

The Daily Lararium Rite, rituals for the Kalends, Nones, and Idvs, and the Ablution Prayer are based on originals used by the Sodalicum Romanum. They have been modified for use in Nova Roman rituals and are used with permission.

And most of all, thanks to all of the Citizens and friends of Nova Roma who have contributed in a thousand different ways to making this site ever-better.

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