Mess Gear, Etc.

The patera is an all-purpose mess pan, for cooking, eating, and probably drinking. It was made of bronze (brass may be used), and was apparently often spun from a blank which included the handle. Some examples do have handles added on in various ways, and may have been hammered. The patera can be the "simple" style with a flat bottom and fairly straight sides, or have base rings to distribute heat while cooking. Either type can be from 4" to 8" in diameter.

The cookpot or bucket (vas or situla, etc.) came in a variety of shapes and sizes, about 5" to 8" in diameter by 7" to 10" tlal. The handle could be attached by two riveted loops, or by means of a wire with loops in it around the rim of the pot.

Several iron flasks with bronze fittings have been found, at least one of which has a locking cap. They hold about a quart, and may or may not have been a standard-issue item.

Spoons may be iron, bronze, wood, bone, or horn. A small knife is useful, and can have a folding blade.

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