Anno Consulatus
Flavii Vedii Germanici et Marci Cassii Iuliani
MMDCCLI ab urbe condita
(1998 CE)


The Resignation of Germanicus

VII Ide Sep 7 Sep On the morning of the seventh day before the Ides of September (7 Sep), the Roman world was stunned by an abrupt announcement by one of the consuls, Flavius Vedius Germanicus:
Effective immediately, I am resigning all of my offices (secular and sacred), my membership in the Senate, and my Citizenship in Nova Roma. I regret having to take this action, but personal reasons compell me to take it. I wish you all nothing but the best, and I hope all of the friends I've made here in the last six months will still keep in touch.
The nation caught its breath... was this the end of Nova Roma? Had the dream died after only five months of life? It seemed that way to some. "Well, it has been fun people," wrote Caius Aelius Ericius, Praetor of California, within minutes of the resignation. Moments later, Lucius Equitius Cincinnatus, Praetor Urbanus, responded, "We have a system in place to take care of things like this. Don't Panic. Everyone take a deep breath and think."

By the afternoon, words of gratitude and farewell began pouring in. Many expressed the hope that Germanicus would return when personal circumstances permitted. Four hours after Germanicus' resignation, Flavia Gladia Xrisanthi announced:

On behalf of Consul Marcus Cassius Julianus I am making this announcement because he is having trouble getting through to the list.

He wants all citizens to know all services of Nova Roma will continue without interruption. Applications for citizenship will still be processed, the Eagle will be published on schedule, the website will remain, and the Forum Romanum will not be interrupted.

As soon as his connection problem is sorted out he will be addressing the nation.

Cassius was able to do so shortly thereafter:
The decision of Flavius Vedius Germanicus to leave Nova Roma is without doubt the saddest event we have faced. Although all services will continue without interruption, (this too, thanks to Germanicus' help) as an organization and Micronation we've lost the guidance and companionship a truly great person. Germanicus has proven himself a skilled leader, thorough administrator, adept diplomat, and above all, a damned good friend. I personally won't cease to miss him, and I hope that everyone in Nova Roma will continue to remember him with all due respect and fondness.

My hope is that he will continue to remain friends with many of us on a personal basis, and that he might even reconsider his involvement with Nova Roma at some future time. No matter what happens, I am sure everyone's well wishes and prayers go with him in whatever other endeavors he undertakes. Vale, Consul et Amicus!

I'll be conjoining the Senate as soon as possible, Tuesday 9/8/98, to begin making arrangements to somehow compensate for our loss. Once again, the NovaRoma website will continue to be updated as always, the chat room and message board will be open, and new Citizens will continue to join. We will compensate for this challenge just as the ancient Romans would have, and Nova Roma will continue to remain much more than the sum of its parts. There will be more news for everyone soon, after the Senate has convened.

My thanks to everyone for their level-headed support through all of this, and there will be more news soon!


Marcus Cassius Julianus, Consul, Censor

Many offices were left vacant by Germanicus' departure. The first of these to be filled was that of the keeper of the Nova Roma web site. Germanicus appointed Quaestor Patricia Cassia to this post upon his resignation.

IV Ide Sep 10 Sep Three days later, the Senate filled the vacancy in its own ranks. Cassius announced:
I am more than pleased to make an official announcement to the Citizens on the list... Our Praetor Urbanus, Lucius Equitius Cincinnatus, has been apponted to the position of Senator in Nova Roma!

Senate has unanimously voted to appoint L. Equitius to fill the recent gap left by the departure of Flavius Vedius Germanicus. While Germanicus can in no way be "replaced", Equitius has done much to prove himself in his own right, and we're all enthusiastic about the new change!

Congratulations, Lucius Equitius Cincinnatus, Senator of Nova Roma! :)

XIV Kal Oct 18 Sep Eleven days after the resignation of Germanicus, the Senate filled the vacant magistracies. Cassius announced:
Salvete, Omnes!

As we know, the departure of Flavius Vedius Germanicus has left some vacant official positions. This has left us in a difficult spot... there are new elections coming up in only three months, but all of these positions require filling in the interim to keep Nova Roma running at full speed.

The Senate has taken "Senatus Consultum" votes to resolve these issues. I am VERY pleased to announce that Quintus Caecilius Metellus, Senator and Praetor of the Mid-Atlantic Provincia, has been voted in to fill the vacant Co-Consul position for the rest of the current magisterial term.

Congratulations, Quintus Caecilius Metellus, Consul of Nova Roma! :)

Metellus will not be running to continue the post in the upcoming election, but will no doubt do wonderful work during this interim period. This has been a busy time for Nova Roma - and I am more than pleased to have a Co-Consul of such knowledge and skill.

I hope that all Citizens will join me in my relief in having this important post filled by someone of genuine ability!

The other major post left vacant with Germanicus' departure is the office of Censor. This has meant delays in the processing of new Citizens, and new Gentes.

The Senate has also voted by Senatus Consultum on this matter. I am pleased to announce that Decius Iunius Palladius, Senator and Pontiff, has been chosen to take up this important posting. We've needed this in the last couple of weeks, as Nova Roma has continued to grow at an impressive rate.

Congratulations Decius Iunius Palladius, Censor of Nova Roma!

This posting will ensure that people wishing to join Nova Roma will get their Citizenship promptly, and that the Gentes rolls will be properly kept. The organized growth of Nova Roma is in good hands! I'm pleased to have Decius as fellow Censor, as he has already shown his abilities as Senator and Pontiff. Again I hope that all Citizens will join me in my relief at seeing this important post filled!


Marcus Cassius Julianus (No longer "The Lone Consul")

Although the nation would continue to regret the sudden loss of its co-founder, Flavius Vedius Germanicus, it was now clear that Nova Roma had weathered its first crisis intact. The Republic would live on.

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