Declaration of Nova Roma


We, the Senate and People of New Rome, in order to restore the foundations of Western Civilization, declare the founding of Nova Roma as a soverign Nation. We manifest Nova Roma as an independent world nation and republic, with its own legal constitution and lawful government, with all international rights and responsibilities that such status carries.

As a soverign nation Nova Roma makes the following claim to various international territories and rights:

We acknowledge ancient Roman territory to be our cultural and religious homeland, and claim historical rights to all sites and territories which were under the direct control or administration of the ancient Roman Republic and Empire between 753 BCE and 395 CE.

We recognize the modern political realities which make the restoration of such ancient lands to us impossible. Therefore we limit our active territorial claim to an amount of land at least equal to that held by the sovereign state of Vatican City; 108 contiguous acres. On this land a world capital for the admistration of our culture will be founded in the form of a Forum Romanum. The exact site for this New Roman governmental and spiritual capital is to be determined.

Further, in order that our world presence may be established, Nova Roma claims our physical territory to be extant and manifest through those places that our State, Citizens, and religious organizations may physically own, occupy, and maintain throughout the world. These territories shall exist in a status of Dual Sovereignity, being under the cultural and spiritual administration of Nova Roma, even as they remain under the civil dominion and laws of other hosting nations. Our pledge is to embody a benign and beneficial cultural and spiritual influence throughout all societies, while remaining politically neutral and lawful in action.

Nova Roma also claims temporary Dual Sovereignity over all other sites where the Gods and Goddesses of ancient Rome shall be worshipped by our Citizens, to preserve our cultural and spiritual unity. This dual sovereignity shall be administered by the People directly and shall last only for the duration of religious ceremonies and rites. In this way we shall remain one culture and nation, even as we exist throughout other world countries.

Citizenship in Nova Roma is open to people of all nationalities and races. The express purpose of our nation is to promote international understanding and cooperation through the preservation of our common Classical foundation, and to breathe new life and honor into all Western Civilization through the restoration of ancient Piety, Virtue, and Civilitas.

We, the Citizens and Senate of New Rome hereby formally renounce, eternally and without exception, the use of force, rebellion, coercion, or intimidation in the pursuit of our international status and claims. We strive to exist as a lawful, peaceful and benign nation, in accord with the principles acknowledged and shared by the world community.

Signed this day on behalf of the Senate and People of the New Rome

II Kal. Mar., MMDCCLI ab urbe condita (February 28th 1998)

Flavius Vedius Germanicus, Consul

Cassius Iulianus, Consul

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