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Many of our Citizens and other interested folks have expressed the desire to be able to print out some of our literature so they can reproduce it and distribute it themselves. This page will allow anyone to do this. To get the desired file, just right-click on it, select the "download target" command (whatever that is in your browser), and save the file on your local hard drive. All we ask is that you do not alter them in any way without prior permission.

We are always looking for assistance in creating materials to help promote Nova Roma and the various services it provides. If you would like to write up a flyer for an event, sodalicium, etc., please forward a copy of the proposed flyer for approval by the Senate to or by surface mail to P.O. Box 1897, Wells, Me 04090.

If your flyer is a downloadable computer format we may be able to put it up on the official website, otherwise we can offer copies by surface mail. Please note, we do ask that all flyers list the official Nova Roma addresses as the primary contact point, and the Praetor Provinciae address as the main local contact point in a Provincia.

Single-Sheet Poster-Style Flyer

MS Word 97 Format

WordPerfect 5.0 Format

Rich-Text Format

Trifold Flyer

Coming Soon!

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