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Daily Lararium Rite

(Also available in Latin)

Household LarariumThe Paterfamilias (or Materfamilia) of the Gens has the ultimate responsibility for setting precidents regarding the worship conducted at the household shrine to the Lares (the Lararium). While every family will have a different specific formula for honoring the Lares and Di Penates (the Gods of the family and the home, respectively), the following is offered as a model. At the very least, some sort of prayer to the Lares and Di Penates should be made every day. There is no need to be capite velato (with the head covered) on regular days for prayers, nor any lucerna lit or incense offered.

Having washed his hands while saying the prayer of ablution, the Paterfamilias begins the rite. The ritual presented below assumes the Lararium is to the North. When (adoratio) is indicated, one raises the right hand to the lips, kisses the fingertips of the right hand, and then extends the hand out in offering. The body should also be swung (twisted) once, left to right, so that the hand is moved sideways in a "general offering" motion.

"Be thou well, family Lars (adoratio). Be ye well, Di Penates (adoratio). Be well, House of the Paterfamilias (adoratio). Be well, Mother Vesta (adoratio)."

The altar (or lararium) is then touched.

"It is so!"

The Paterfamilias turns south in a clockwise direction, assumes the adoratio posture, and a closing prayer is spoken.

"May I (the breast is touched with the right hand), Gens ________ (insert gens name), and the entire nation of Nova Roma have what is goodly, auspicious, fruitful, fortunate, and wholesome. It is so!"

The Paterfamilias facing north once more at the Lararium, touching the altar.

"All may leave!"

The adoratio posture is once more assumed, twisting the body from right to left as it is done. The rite is ended.

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