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Die Rekonstruktion der klassischen römischen Religion, Kultur und Tugenden

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Hodié a.d. VIII Kal. Iun. Sex. Lucilio (II) A. Tullia (II) cos. MMDCCLXXV a.u.c. est. "A"



While we are celebrating Ceres, we are mindful of our citizens, families and friends who experience very difficult times in Provincia Sarmatia. Nova Roma is not just about Roman cultural revival or reenactment, but we are, first and foremost, a community, an international Roman family, a spiritual Roman nation, who mutually respect and recognize the Roman in each other. Since a number of fellow Nova Roman citizens living in Ukraine are now forced to flee together with their families, the consuls (presidents) and senate (board of directors) of Nova Roma have decided to help, as much as we can. If anyone can offer a temporary residence to one or more fellow Nova Roman citizens escaping from Ukraine (we are talking about families with children), please contact the Nova Roma Facebook page:


Bonum faustum felicem fortunatum annum novum! Prosperous New Year to all Nova Romans! This is the year of the consulship of Sex. Lucilius and A. Tullia, the 25th year of Nova Roma!

The comitia have elected our magistrates for the next year, read the results of the elections.

The senate declared victory and enacted important decrees on triumphs and other awards during its last session.

Das "Xenia Nova Romana" Project.

Watch videos about Nova Roma on YouTube.

Take a look at some photos of recent Nova Roman events, including our International Convention in Rome.

Lentulus Spinula sml.jpg
Praefectus of Lusitania C. Cocceius and legatus pro praetore of Pannonia Cn. Lentulus pontifex, offering a sacrifice for the well-being of Nova Roma at the altar of Aquincum, at the Lusitania-Pannonia Interprovincial Meeting in Budapest, Hungary, 2010.
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