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The Main List: Official Forum

The Forum Novum Romanum is the so called, Main List the main mailing list forum of Nova Roma. A discussion group focused on Nova Roman internal politics and civic concerns. This is our equivalent to the ancient forum, and just as turbulent as the ancient forum was. Passionate, heated arguments and sometimes bitter or aggressive debates filled with animosity and past grievances may occur so please be advised and don't subscribe if you don't want to follow the internal debates of the leadership, but we suggest instead you join our Facebook Group.

The Religio Romana list

The Religio Romana list : A list where Nova Roman citizens can interact with the various pontifices, augurs and other officials of Religio Romana (Roman religion), and pose questions and engage in general discussion on matters pertaining to the Religio Romana.

Our Facebook Group

The Nova Roma Facebook Group is a general Facebook forum for Nova Romans to discuss all things Roman, but internal policy disputes and Nova Roman politics are not allowed there.

Nova Roma Chat Forum

The Nova Roma Chat Forum is a chat platform on "Discord" with multiple discussion subgroups for various topics and always with citizens online all day: the easiest way to talk with other Nova Romans.

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