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Salve, civis Nove Romane!" (Welcome, fellow New Roman citizen)! So, you are now our Newest Citizen of New Rome! Welcome to Nova Roma! ow that you are a civis of Nova Roma, you may be asking yourself, "Now what do I do?" There are many things to do, and you will find them in time. However, you should do the following immediately:

  • Join the Main List, which is our online political Forum Romanum, where you can participate in discussions on Romanitas. You should introduce yourself and announce to everyone that you just became a new citizen!'
  • Go to the Provinces of Nova Roma page and determine what administrative area of Nova Roma you are in. If you have a governor or other official listed for your area, send him/her an email. If you don't know whom to contact, write a public message or request of help to our Main List (. If you are interested in helping out in your province, inform your Governor of your interest. They may have an opening for you.
  • Explore the sections and links on the Main Page and the information in the Our Society and On Being Roman sections listed below.
  • Go to the Album civium (Roll of Citizens) and search for your name. This should bring up your Res Publica page, listing your citizenship information. You can let everyone know what racing faction you belong to, what your contact information is, and what special interest groups you belong to. This page will also tell you about your public service record, the Tribe and Century you belong to, and your total Census Points earned. DO NOT create a Biography page for yourself as Bio Pages are reserved for those who have served in Public Office as part of the Cursus Honorum. If you do create one it will be erased by those who administer the Wiki.

Our Society

Novi Romani at the Ludi Romani in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Here are some ideas for starting your Nova Roma experience.

Official Lists

First of all, you should review the official discussion forums of Nova Roma. Join as many as are open to the general citizenry.


Are you interested in a special aspect of Roman life? Does something about ancient Rome grip your interest? Perhaps one of the sodalitates matches your interest.

Local Events and Groups

Get in touch with people in your area. Have some face-to-face interaction with other citizens. If there are no citizens in your local area, and you have some friends with similar interests, contact your Provincia Governor and inquire about setting up a Local Group in your area.

On Being Roman

These are some things you need to know:

Essential Latin

You'll find that the conversation in Nova Roma's various fora is peppered with Latin phrases. Here are a few quick-and-dirty lessons in "essential Latin" that might make things easier to comprehend for those who never took Latin in school:


The basic right-- some would say obligation-- of all Nova Roman cives. Learn about our voting procedure and your role in the voting process. You want to be involved? Vote. To the Nova Roman, it is a responsibility, not a right.

The Ordo Equester

Roman Caligae (Boot) Pattern

Are you able to make some sort of Roman-themed craft? Do you know how to sew? Have you been making caligae in your basement for 20 years and now you want to sell some of them? You can set up shop as a member of the Ordo Equester and help Nova Roma's treasury while turning a profit for yourself at the same time!


Most magistrates appoint assistants (called scribae) to assist with their duties. If you contact a magistrate and offer your service as a scriba you may be be given a job that will help you learn more about Nova Roma and Roma Antiqua.

This should give you enough information to get you started! Live well, may the gods be with you, and have fun in the Res publica!

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