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Nova Roma Aediles Portal
Welcome to the portal page for all Aedile activities in Nova Roma. Here you can find information about the Ludi of this year. Learn more about aediles...
Aediles in Nova Roma

There are in total four aediles, two Curule Aediles and two Plebeian Aediles.

The domain of authority of the aediles includes:

All aediles:

  • Ludi : organizing and watching upon our virtual or real games
  • Other festivals
  • Other events
  • Public religious events : maintaining the order
  • Real public facilities properties of the State : maintenance.

Curule Aediles:

  • Equites : maintenance of the ordo equester list and regulation of the trade inside Nova Roma
  • Macellum : our marketplace, which includes every venue where our Equites are engaged in commerce within Nova Roma property.
  • Aedilician Fund: to manage the fund to finance its projects.
Virtual reconstruction of Circus Maximus
Circus Maximus.jpg

Coming soon: The annual calendar of the Ludi organized by Nova Roma
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