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On July 25th 2756 a.u.c. (2003 c.e.), the Senate of Nova Roma has passed, on the proposal made by the Curule aedile of 2756, F. Apulus Caesar, with no dissenting vote, a senatus consultum creating an "Aedilician Fund" (abbr. "AF").

This first version of the text has remained unchanged until last Jan. 26, 2761 a.u.c., when, on proposal of both curule aediles Lucilius and Memmius, the Senate has accepted modifying the 4th paragraph of this AF senatus consultum.

The amended text is more precise on the different types of intervention and responsibilities on the AF.


1/ The Aedilician fund is a specific budget created inside Nova Roma's budget, which is dedicated to a group of projects placed under the management and daily responsibility of the aediles curules, which report to the Consuls and the Senate.

The AF can shelter as many "projects" as the Senate authorizes in its frame. The Senate has not wished to define precisely the kind of projects which were to enter the AF.

So enters the AF a project which the Senate will have approved as belonging to this fund.

On Idus Martis 2761, the AF is composed by one sole project : the Magna Mater Project.

2/ The legal frame : the SC 25th 2756, mod. Jan. 26, 2761

"I. An Aedilician Fund for donations in favour of the projects handled by the Aediles Curules is hereby established. This fund will be maintained as part of the Nova Roma bank account, rather than in a separate account, because of the following advantages:

a.The donors can be sure that their money is kept in a safe place and that it will not be kept by the magistrate. b.People can use money orders and the Nova Roma PayPal account to make donations in the same way as they pay taxes or make any other donation to Nova Roma. c.It will not be necessary to transfer funds to the country in which the current Aediles Curules live. d. U.S. residents will have the opportunity to deduct donations on their taxes. This wouldn't be possible if the bank account was outside USA.

II. The Aedilician Fund may be used only for those projects which have been previously approved by the Senate. As a consequence, it is responsibility of the Aediles Curules to submit to the Senate detailed proposals for approvation. A proposal shall include as a minimum:

a. detailed description of the project

b. amount of money needed

c. information on those people, authorities, institutions which will get the money.

No citizen can deposit funds directly into the Aedilician Fund without the Senate approving a project for which money can be donated.

III. Money contained in the Aedilician Fund can be used only for the purpose to which they have been expressely donated. As a consequence, there is no need for the Senate to vote their allocation, as it is the will of the donors that those funds be spent for specific projects as defined by the Aediles Curules and previously approved by the Senate itself.

IV. a. The Aedilician Fund is under the Aediles Curules'responsibility. As such, the Aediles define, in a common edict and in the frame of the present senatus consultum, the rules concerning the management of this fund;

IV.b. The Aediles Curules are assisted by one or more quaestors who shall be responsible for:

1. preparing all statements and reports of receipts and disbursements of the fund, based on the information they receive from the assigned consular quaestor(s) that concern donations to and disbursements from the Aedilician Fund;

2. reporting regularly and each time requested to the Aediles Curules on the status of the Aedilician Fund;

3. serving notice to the Aediles Curules immediately whenever difficulties arise in the performance of their duties;

4. upon request of officers of the Senate, preparing reports for the Senate, reviewed by the Aediles Curules, on the state of the Aedilician Fund;

IV.c. Upon request, the Aediles Curules shall inform the Consuls and every concerned magistrate on the state of the Aedilician Fund, based on the reports made to them by their assigned Quaestores Aediles.

IV.d. The Aediles Curules shall prepare the annual accounting of the Aedilician Fund, based on the records of their assigned Quaestors, and present this report in a timely fashion to the Consuls in order that it may be included as an attachment to the annual budget.

IV.e. In the case of an emergency concerning the Aedilician Fund, the Aediles Curules shall request and shall be granted permission by the presiding magistrate to address the Senate directly and respond to any questions made by its members.

V. Donors who want to make a donation to the Aedilian Fund must:

a. indicate that the donation is in favour of the Aedilian Fund b. specify the project those money are donated for.

Should the donor fail to meet these conditions the donation will be considered as in favour of the Nova Roma central Treasury."

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