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I suggest we adopt uniform names for portals. How about "Aediles portal"? See Cultus_portal for a portal example. Also, please add to category "Portals". Agricola 13:50, 22 February 2007 (CET)

I'm rethinking the naming and now I'm leaning toward "Overview of X" for names. Agricola 03:49, 27 February 2007 (CET)

Content of the article

I would like these sorts of pages ("portals" or "overviews") to be a general introduction to the topic. We should have Nova Roma and Roma Antiqua side-by-side. It would be good for this page to link to the offices of the aediles for this year. In short, we should keep this page general, and specific things about activities this year should be on a page marked for this year. (Doing it this way means that we automatically get archives of things that were done each year.)

I also think that this should be about all aediles, plebeian and curule. Agricola 03:49, 27 February 2007 (CET)

Organization of the wiki and article titles

We have a bit of a mess with the aedile articles now, and I am to blame for much of it. They are some of our earliest attempts and were made before we had put down many priciples on paper. In view of the large number of edits on this page, I feel I have to set down the structure that we should follow on the wiki:

Aedile overview should be the main "portal" for all aedile articles. This would introduce newcomers to aediles in Roma Antiqua and in Nova Roma. It should not be subject to frequent changes.

Aedile (or indeed Aedilis, as I prefer to have the articles under the Latin titles and put redirects at the English titles) should be an in-depth article about aediles in Roma Antiqua. Curule and Plebeian Aediles would be included. If the article becomes overlong, it would be split in two, leaving Aedile as a disambiguation page. Until that happens, Curule Aedile etc. should be redirects to Aedile.

The same procedure should follow for Aedile (Nova Roma).

Likewise for all topics related to ludi: Ludi overview, if desired, would be a general introduction to all aspects of this topic. Ludi and a disambiguation page at Games (because of board games) would be about ancient Rome. Ludi (Nova Roma) would be the article about the games in Nova Roma.

This is a policy that we have been developing for the entire wiki. I hope that the benefits are obvious.

Since we realize that magistrates also need working space, we started the tradition of the "officinae" last year. Aediles should feel free to follow that pattern in whatever way seems most suitable; one officina for all, one for each, one for curules and one for plebeians. Furthermore, you should feel free to use the "box portal" layout for any of these, as you see fit. The advantage to this is that your working space will be preserved at the end of your term. You will, in effect, create your own annals. I do most strongly urge that the article name include the year in AUC format. Of course, these offices would have direct links from a number of places, making them easy to find.

If an article is needed for the Games this year, please also indicate the year in the title. We can link directly to it as needed, for example, from the Current Events section of the Main page. Agricola 02:39, 3 March 2007 (CET)

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