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Overview of "Aediles"
Aediles are public magistrates charged with maintaining public services such as roads, water supply, public buildings. They also protect the public safety and oversee marketplaces. The most visible function, however, is in the staging of public games (ludi). Learn more...
Aediles in Roma Antiqua

The name "aedile" is said to come from their having the care of the temple (aedes) of Ceres. There were originally two, called aediles plebeii. They were the assistants of the tribunes in such matters as the tribunes entrusted to them, including the hearing of causes of smaller importance.

The aedileship was created at the same time as that of the tribuni plebis, B.C. 494 BCE. Shortly thereafter (446 BCE), they were appointed the keepers of the senatus consulta. (Liv. iii.55) They were also the keepers of the plebiscita. Other functions were gradually entrusted to them, and it is not always easy to distinguish their duties from some of those which belong to the censors; nor to distinguish all the duties of the plebeian and curule aediles, after the establishment of the curule aedileship.

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Aediles in Nova Roma

There are in total four aediles, two "curule aediles" and two "plebeian aediles" in Nova Roma, just like in ancient Rome. Only plebeians may run for the office of plebeian aedile. Their corporate position is deputy secretaries of Nova Roma, Inc., and culture and community directors of the corporation. The domain of authority of all aediles includes the management of the assets of Nova Roma, the website(s) and forum(s), and the entire infrastructure of the corporation. The aediles are in charge of all cultural aspects of the organization, including the Roman festivals, public events, programs and projects of Nova Roma, and the solemn Ludi (festival games).

When there are no censors in office, the aediles are the co-secretaries of the corporation.

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Gaius Iulius Caesar, when aedile in 65 BCE, borrowed and spent large sums of money in order to present lavish games and win popular support.
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