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Overview of "Quaestores"
Quaestores are lower magistrates with financial and other administrative tasks assigned to higher magistrates. Learn more...
Quaestores in Roma Antiqua

Quaestores were public officials in ancient Rome responsible for finance and administration in various areas of government and the military. Quaestura was first mentioned in the Laws of the Twelve Tables.

They were divided in two distinct classes of Roman officers. Acording to Varro "the one class therefore had to do with the collecting and keeping of the public revenues, and the others were a kind of public accusers. The former bore the name of quaestores classici, the latter of quaestores parricidii".

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Quaestores in Nova Roma

The 'quaestura is one of the lower magistracies of Nova Roma. Eight quaestores are elected annually by the comitia populi tributa to serve as treasures of the corporation of Nova Roma, Inc., and to assist and deputize the consuls and praetors. The four aediles and the governors are also authorized to assign quaestors to themselves as chief assistants from among the pool of quaestors.

Two quaestors are assigned to the Treasury of Nova Roma to be its guardians and custodians, but no funds may be spent without the prior approval of the Senate.

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Did you know?
  • The famous Marcus Tullius Cicero served at one time in the office of Quaestor?
  • Gaius Gracchus started his political career in 126 BC as quaestor?
Past Quaestores in Nova Roma
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