Officina aedilium curulium MMDCCLX/Ludi Megalenses

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Ludi Megalenses 2760 AUC

Organized by curule aediles T. Artoria Marcella and Iulia Caesar Cytheris Aege

Ludi Megalenses 2760 AUC program:

  • prid. Non. Apr. - Opening day ceremony.
  • Non. Apr. - Play by Plautus.
  • a.d. VIII Id. Apr. - Magna Mater Project; Certamen Historicum 1.
  • a.d. VII Id. Apr. - Play by Terence.
  • a.d. VI Id. Apr. - Certamen Historicum 2.
  • a.d. V Id. Apr. - Play by Plautus; Magna Mater essay.
  • a.d. IV Id. Apr. - Results and Megalesia 2760 AUC closing.

Ludi Megalenses 2760 AUC results:

  • Winner of Certamen Historicum: L. Vitellius Triarius.
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