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Racing Factiones: Factio Praesina, Factio Albata‎, Factio Russata, Factio Veneta

Gladiator Schools: Ludus Praesinus, Ludus Albatus, Ludus Russatus, Ludus Venetus

Other pages of interest: Circenses/Munera Gladitoria/Venationes rules, Ludi pages, Aedile portal

Championships: Circenses Championship, Gladiatorial Championship, Cultural Championship

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I am the more astonished that so many thousands of grown men should be possessed again and again with a childish passion to look at galloping horses, and men standing upright in their chariots. If, indeed, they were attracted by the swiftness of the horses or the skill of the men, one could account for this enthusiasm. But in fact it is a bit of cloth they favour, a bit of cloth that captivates them. And if during the running the racers were to exchange colours, their partisans would change sides, and instantly forsake the very drivers and horses whom they were just before recognizing from afar, and clamorously saluting by name. ~ Pliny the Younger (Letters 9.6)




Nova Roma


Dominus factionis

Joining the Greens

  • Welcome! Need more racing in your life? Enjoy the sweat of the track in your face? Want to lash your opponents and drive them into the spina more professionally? Do you want to join in the rowdy spectacle of cheering on your team at the Circus Maximus? Join Factio Praesina, the Green Faction! You may remember us from such great riots at the Circus Maximus and the Hippodrome! We need to get out on the sand and charge with all our strength! We implore members of Factio Praesina to enter the races! Are the Reds, Blues or Whites not your thing? This is the Factio for you! This is the home of Nova Roma's virtual chariot racing faction, Factio Praesina--the Greens. This list is for seasoned chariot racers, those new to the Circus, and Loyal Supporters of the Greens. Join us Today!
Pavement mosaic with a circus charioteer of the Praesina (green) faction. Roman artwork, first half of the 3rd century CE. From the Villa dei Severi at Baccano, 16 miles from the Via Appia.
  • How to Join: To join the Greens, go to your Album Civium page login (Click Here) and click the "My Account" button. Once there, one of the options is "Racing Faction" - Simply declare Praesina as your faction, then join our mailing list. Factio Praesina Stables

Enroll Your Virtual Charioteer

How to Enroll: Have an entry or two for the next Ludi circenses? Enroll your entries here. The Factio Stables are now open for patronage by all citizens of Nova Roma. We are one of four official Nova Roma racing companies for virtual characters of the Ludi. By entering your chariots and charioteers, we will track your standings in the games. You will also be eligible for the coveted and prestigious Ludi Award Palms and Victory Banners.

Suggestions on Creating Characters: The games are a great way to learn more about Roman history through character creation:

  • Pick an ancient Roman area (Gallia, Hispania, Thrace, Greece, Egypt, etc.)
  • Pick a region in that area.
  • Pick a tribe/town in that region.
  • Research a little bit about that tribe and it's environment, culture, friends and enemies, industries, etc.
  • Pick a name for your Gladiator, Chariot, Chariot Driver, and/or Wild Beast for Venationes that is reflective of all of this.
  • Create a description of your Ludi character from all of this.
  • When you have some spare time, do it several times again, creating several Gladiators, Chariots, Chariot Drivers, and/or Wild Beasts for Venationes. Remember, just like the real Ludi games, our NR characters get injured and even killed, then you need another one.
  • As these characters enter and complete, you can improve the descriptions of them, based on their results.
  • Keep all of your characters in a text file for easy reference.
  • Register your characters by sending your character information to our Dominus factionis (chariots/charioteers) and Lanista factionis (gladiators/beasts), and we will maintain their career history wins and current points for the year.

Rules: Click Here for Regulae Ludorum

Team Information 2768 a.u.c. - M. Pompeio Sex. Lucilio cos. MMDCCLXVIII a.u.c.

  • Procurator factionis 2768 a.u.c.: Vacant

  • Team members 2766 a.u.c.:

Number Owner name Best Result This Year Chariot Driver Points
I Dominus - Chariot Name Driver 0
II Dominus - Chariot Driver 0
III Dominus - Chariot Driver 0
IV Dominus - Chariot Driver 0
V Dominus - Chariot Driver 0

Team Career Statistics/Historical Data (2757 a.u.c. to Present)

  • Qualified in previous Ludi but not listed below? Please email us with the race information and your final standing(s) in the race(s), so we can update this page. If possible, please send the ML message number, Ludi website or Victory pic to: lvtriarius at yahoo dot com, and we will post your information on this page. We ask that you do not update your own information, as there is a potential risk of duplicate information being posted.
  • Recorded Finishes: Columns reflecting the number of Past Quarter-Finals (QF), Semi-Finals (SF), and Finals Finishes in the below table reflect only 1st and 2nd place finishes. Victor column indicates 1st place finishes in finals races.
  • Historical Records Database: To see which races you have been registed as qualifying in, you may download the historical records text file by Factio Praesina Records. This file lists the races and participants that we have been able to identify thus far through research of the various Ludi websites, NR Main List, etc.

Number Owner name QF Palm SF Palm Finals Palm Victor Palm Career Victory Points
I Name QF SF F V Total VPs
II Name QF SF F V Total VPs
III Name QF SF F V Total VPs
IV Name QF SF F V Total VPs
V Name QF SF F V Total VPs
VI Name QF SF F V Total VPs
VII Name QF SF F V Total VPs
VIII Name QF SF F V Total VPs
IX Name QF SF F V Total VPs
X Name QF SF F V Total VPs
XI Name QF SF F V Total VPs
XII Name QF SF F V Total VPs
XIII Name QF SF F V Total VPs
XIV Name QF SF F V Total VPs
XV Name QF SF F V Total VPs
XVI Name QF SF F V Total VPs
XVII Name QF SF F V Total VPs
XVIII Name QF SF F V Total VPs
XIX Name QF SF F V Total VPs
XX Name QF SF F V Total VPs
XXI Name QF SF F V Total VPs
XXII Name QF SF F V Total VPs
XXIII Name QF SF F V Total VPs
XXIV Name QF SF F V Total VPs
XXV Name QF SF F V Total VPs
XXVI Name QF SF F V Total VPs

Victory Points Calculation Rules

Chariot Races:

In the Ludi Circenses Championship Series of Nova Roma (Chariot Races) the Victory Points are calculated according to the following rules. Points are given in each race, ideally of 4 players. For example 16 players means 4 Quarters race, 2 Semi-Finals race and 1 Final race. Of each race of each level the two best will be given points.

Participant: Quarters: Semi-Finals: Finals:
Par: 1 VP Q-1: 4 VP S-1: 8 VP F-1: 12 VP
Q-2: 2 VP S-2: 6 VP F-2: 10 VP

Horse Races:

In the Ludi Circenses Championship Series of Nova Roma (Horse Races) the Victory Points are calculated according to the following rules. Points are given in each race for 1st through 6th places, plus participation points are given for 7th and subsequent places.

Participant: 6th Place: 5th Place: 4st Place: 3rd Place: 2nd Place: 1st Place:
1 VP 2 VP 4 VP 6 VP 8 VP 10 VP 12 VP

Ludi Circenses Championship Annual Award:
Corona Circenses Novae Romae ~ Factio Praesina
Awarded for 1st Place in the Individual Series of the annual Ludi Circenses Championship.
Award consists of a 2 1/2" cast gold medal with green neck ribbon (1 1/2" x 30").

Palms Awarded to Members

Quarter-Finals Palm Semi-Finals Palm Finals Palm Victory Palm Championship Palm

  • Quarter-Finals Palm: Awarded for 1st & 2nd Place in Quarters Races.
  • Semi-Finals Palm: Awarded for 1st & 2nd Place in Semi-Finals Races.
  • Finals Palm: Awarded for 2nd Place in Finals Races; 1st & 2nd Places in Finals Race if Great Finals race is held; 2nd Place in Great Finals Races.
  • Victor Palm: Awarded for 1st Place in Finals (no Great Finals held)/Great Finals Races.
  • Championship Palm: Awarded for 1st Place in the annual Nova Roma Ludi Circenses Championship.


Floreales 2755.jpg Megalesia 2755.jpg Romani 2755.jpg

  • LUDI NAME YEAR: Chariot Name, Dominus Name


  • jerashchariots.com ~ The monumental hippodrome at the ancient city of Jerash in Jordan is, for the first time in over a thousand years, hosting a spectator event – authentic replica Roman chariots racing in the Roman circus at Jerash. Jerash, the Roman city of Gerasa, some fifty minutes drive to the north from Amman, displays some of the finest, most extensive and best preserved remains of the former Empire to be found anywhere. The colonnaded streets, temples, theatres, bathhouses and magnificent oval plaza are complemented by the superbly restored hippodrome which in Roman times seated up to fifteen thousand people.
  • Terminology at the Circus ~ an explanation of the different parts of the Circus Maximus, as well as its developmental history.
  • History of the Circenses, Article by Anthony Rich, Jun. B.A. of Caius College, Cambridge, and William Smith, D.C.L., LL.D.: A Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities, John Murray, London, 1875.

Traditional Ludi of Ancient Rome

March 26-27: Feriae Latinae (special religious race of champions chosen by Dominii Factionis)

April 4-10: Megalesia

April 19-26: Cerialia (Aediles Plebei)

April 27- May 2: Floralia

June 25-26: Ludi Taurei Quinquennale

July 6-13: Ludi Apollinares

July 20-30: Ludi Victoriae Caesaris

August 21: Consualia

September 5-19: Ludi Romani

Oct 11-12: Meditrinalia

October 13-14: Fontinalia

October 19: Armilustrium

Oct. 25-Nov. 1: Ludi Victoriae Sullanae

Nov. 4-17: Ludi Plebei (Aediles Plebei)

Dec. 11: Septimonium

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