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Tribunus militum (4th Rank Official census points)

The incumbent serves under a legatus legionis assigned to the same area as the tribunus militum. The tribunus militum shall assist the legatus legionis in the execution of his/her tasks, The Senatus consultum appointing the tribunus militum shall specify the area of his/her assignment and which legatus legionis he/she shall serve under. A tribunus militum cannot be assigned to an area that does not have a legatus legionis assigned to it, nor shall the tribunus militum act in a detached manner by not reporting to a legatus legionis. More than one tribunus militum can be assigned to a legatus legionis. There is no requirement for the tribunus militum to be resident in the area to which he/she is assigned to.

The appointment of this officer of the Senate allows for citizens who have no desire to serve as a Legatus legionis, or who have simply no experience to be considered even for that position, can assist the Legatus legionis in his/her area. For citizens wishing to consider entering the curus honorum, this is an excellent preliminary position to hold and to excel in.

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