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Aulus Vitellius Celsus
Album Civium

A. Vitellius is serving as Consul M. Curiatius' praefectus appointed into Bulgaria to represent Nova Roma and to lead the project of creating a new province in this area.

In september 2009 he participated in the Svishtov Roman Festival in which he led the group of Bulgarian Nova Romans ( M. Curiatio M. Iulio cos. MMDCCLXII a.u.c.). The Roman ritual which Vitellius's group represented to the public was a Roman wedding ritual from the end of the Republic, called confarreatio: Video: The Confarreatio

Between 5 and 7 of June 2010, he organized the first Roman festival in Kyustendil - 'Ulpia Pautalia 2010', which aim was the recreation of the Roman civilian life and rituals: Ulpia Pautalia 2010

In may 2011 as Aedilis Curulis, he organized the Third Festival of Antiquity in Plovdiv - 'Philippopolis 2011', where he, and his friend - augur Tiberius Germanicus (Nova Roma member from Estonia) represented auspicia for the first time in reenactment history: Video: The Auspicia ( auspicium )

He also takes part as a roman legionary in the events, organized by first bulgarian reenactor club 'Legio IIII Scythica' /led by other bulgarian active member of Nova Roma Tiberius Cassius Geminus/: 'Enemy at the gate', dedicated to battle of Abrittus, when the romans were defeated by goths Video: [1]; and 'Meeting the Emperor Septimius Severus in Augusta Traiana'. Video [2]

In April 2012 he and Legio IIII Scythica, were invited to participation on Parade march around historical center of Rome. The celebration Natale Di Roma - Birthday of Rome was organized by italian reenactment group - Gruppo Storico Romano: Video [3]

In May 2012 he invited Nova Roma citizens from Hungary, Czech Republic and Estonia, to participate in an International Nova Roman Convention during the Festival of Antiquity in Plovdiv, a festival of which he was the organizer for the 4th time:ON THE NOVA ROMA WEBSITE

Cursus Honorum

P. Memmio K. Buteone (II) cos. MMDCCLXIII a.u.c.
P. Ullerio C. Equitio cos. MMDCCLXIV a.u.c.

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