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Tiberius Cassius Geminus
Album Civium

I'm a very active and well-known Roman reenactor in Bulgaria. In 2010, in Dobrich Bulgaria, we established the club for Roman historical reenactments ASSOCIATION FOR HISTORICAL RECONSTRUCTION AND REENACTMENT - SCYTIA MINOR - IV LEGIO SCYTHICA named on historical Legio IIII Scythica present here during the first century AD the territory of the Roman province of Scythia Minor (modern Dobruja). The club is active in re-enacting and historical restorations. The activities of our club is aimed at the restoration of our events from ancient Roman history and reconstruction of events relating to at least our glorious ancient past. We can help to attractive running of future projects related to the ancient history. We are well prepared and equipped with Roman and Hellenic-Thracian equipment.

In 2011 we participated on various bulgarian historical festivals 'Enemy at the gate', dedicated to battle of Abrittus, when the romans were defeated by goths Video: [1]; and 'Meeting the Emperor Septimius Severus in Augusta Traiana'. Video [2]

In April 2012 Legio IIII Scythica was invited to participation on Parade march around historical center of Rome. The celebration Natale Di Roma - Birthday of Rome was organized by italian reenactment group - Gruppo Storico Romano: Video [3] At the Circus Maximus with our Pontifex Maximus (Tiberius Germanicus - Nova Roma member from Estonia) we were looking for signs from the sky, before the white pigeon was released to show the God's will. Pigeon flew at the right and that’s for Good! [4] Our Aquila (the Legionary eagle) was illuminated on sacred land! With Consecration of all martial heraldic flag of the IIII-th: Aguila, Vexillum, Signum. [5]

This is a video from our participation in August 2012 in Constanta (Romania) on their festival - 'Festivalul Antic Tomis' 17-19 Аugust. Our participation was with a great success. Hosts were very pleased with our attractive presentation. [6]

Here is a Bulgarian TV report about Saturnalia Festival organized in december 2012 by our club: [7]

From april 2013 our association already a member of the organization EXARC http://exarc.net/ - The national Dutch association for archaeological experiments and education.

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