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Temporary Warning

1. Due to temporary technical problems taxes can't be paid by logging into the Album Civium. You can pay, however, following this instruction:

2. When paying taxes through PayPal, go to PayPal at and use your account or create a new one and pay your taxes (the correct sum according to this table below) to

If or when these problems are solved, it will be announced publicly.

  • A - Pursuant to the senatus consulta passed in March of 2763 a.U.c, and specially the S.C. on taxation ('tributarium'), I hereby establish the tax rates for 2763 a.U.c.:

Number Country NR Province Tax (USD) National equivalent *
1 Andorra (AD) Hispania 16,00 Euros (EUR)
2 Argentina (AR) Argentina 3,00 Argentine pesos (ARS)
3 Australia (AU) Australia 17,00 Australian dollars (AUD)
4 Austria (AT) Germania 18,00 Euros (EUR)
5 Belgium (BE) Gallia 17,00 Euros (EUR)
6 Brazil (BR) Brasilia 3,00 Reals (BRL)
7 Bulgaria (BG) - 2,00 Bulgarian Lev (BGL)
8 Canada (CA) Canadae Citerior and Ulterior 16,00 Canadian dollars (CAD)
9 Chile (CL) - 4,00 Chilean pesos (CLP)
10 China (CN) - 1,00 Yuan (CNY)
11 Colombia (CO) - 2,00 Colombian pesos (COP)
12 Costa Rica (CR) Nova Hispania 2,00 Costa Rican colones (CRC)
13 Croatia (HR) - 6,00 Croatian Kuna(HRK)
14 Czech Republic (CZ) Pannonia 8,00 Czech koruny (CZK)
15 Denmark (DK) Thule 22,00 Danish kroner (DKK)
16 Ecuador (EC) - 1,00 US dollar (USD)
17 Estonia (EE) - 6,00 Estonian kroon (EEK)
18 Finland (FI) Thule 18,00 Euros (EUR)
19 France (FR) Gallia 16,00 Euros (EUR)
20 Germany (DE) Germania 16,00 Euros (EUR)
21 Greece (GR) - 11,00 Euros (EUR)
22 Guatemala (GT) Nova Hispania 1,00 Quetzales (GTQ)
23 Hungary (HU) Pannonia 6,00 Forints (HUF)
24 Iceland (IS) Thule 19,00 Icelandic kronur (ISK)
25 India (IN) - 1,00 Indian rupees (INR)
26 Iraq (IQ) - 1,00 New Iraqi dinars (NID)
27 Ireland (IE) Hibernia 22,00 Euros (EUR)
28 Israel (IL) - 10.00 New Israeli shekels (ILS)
29 Italy (IT) Italia 14,00 Euros (EUR)
30 Jamaica (JM) - 2,00 Jamaican dollars (JMD)
31 Japan (JP) Nipponia 14,00 Yen (JPY)
32 Korea (KR) Guria 7,00 Won (KRW)
33 Kuwait (KW) - 19,00 Kuwaiti dinars (KD)
34 Latvia (LV) - 5,00 Latvian Lat (LVL)
35 Lebanon (LB) - 2,00 Lebanese pounds (LBP)
36 Liechtenstein (LI) Germania 50,00 Swiss franc (CHF)
37 Lithuania (LT) - 5,00 Lithuanian litas (LTL)
38 Luxemburg (LU) Gallia 40,00 Euros (EUR)
39 Malta (MT) Italia 9,00 Euros (EUR)
40 Macedonia (MK) - 2,00 Macedonian denar (MKD)
41 Mexico (MX) Nova Hispania 4,00 Mexican pesos (MXN)
42 Moldova (MD) Dacia 1,00 Moldovan Leu (MDL)
43 Netherlands (NL) Gallia 19,00 Euros (EUR)
44 New Zealand (NZ) Australia 11,00 New Zealand dollars (NZD)
45 Nigeria (NG) - 1,00 Nairas (NGN)
46 Norway (NO) Thule 34,00 Norwegian kroner (NOK)
47 Panama (PA) Nova Hispania 3,00 Balboas (PAB)
48 Peru (PE) - 2,00 Nuevo sol (PEN)
49 Poland (PL) Venedia 5,00 Zlotych (PLN)
50 Portugal (PT) Hispania 8,00 Euros (EUR)
51 Puerto Rico (PR) - 9,00 US dollars (USD)
52 Qatar (QA) - 32,00 Qatari rials (QAR)
53 Romania (RO) Dacia 3,00 Lei (RON)
54 Russian Federation (RU) Sarmatia 4,00 Russian rubles (RUR)
55 S. Africa (ZA) - 2,00 Rand (ZAR)
56 San Marino (SM) Italia 15,00 Euros (EUR)
57 Serbia (RS) - 2,00 Serbian Dinars (RSD)
58 Singapore (SG) - 14,00 Singapore dollars (SGD)
59 Slovakia (SK) Pannonia 6,00 Slovak koruny (SKK)
60 Slovenia (SI) - 10,00 Euros (EUR)
61 Spain (ES) Hispania 13,00 Euros (EUR)
62 Sweden (SE) Thule 19,00 Swedish kronor (SEK)
63 Switzerland (CH) Germania and Gallia 23,00 Swiss francs (CHF)
64 Taiwan (TW) - 6,00 New Taiwan dollar (TWD)
65 Turkey (TR) - 4,00 Turkish liras (YTL)
66 Ukraine (UA) Sarmatia 1,00 Hryvnia (UAH)
67 United Kingdom (UK) Britannia 16,00 British pounds (GBP)
68 Uruguay (UY) Nova Hispania 3,00 Uruguayan pesos (UYU)
69 U.S.A. (USA) America Austroccidentalis, America Austrorientalis, America Boreoccidentalis, America Medioccidentalis Superior, California, Lacus Magni, Mediatlantica, Nova Britannia 16,00 US dollar (USD)
70 Vatican (VA) Italia 14,00 Euros (EUR)
71 Venezuela (VE) - 4,00 Bolivares (VEB)

Source: Year 2008 (est.)

*Note: check the equivalent in the local currency.

  • B - Deadline for remittance of taxes is the 15th of June. Taxes may be remitted after that date, with a penalty of an extra 50%. For example, a citizen who owes $15.00 would need to pay $22.50 after the deadline.
  • C - Each provincial governor is required to copy this edict to their provincial lists (where applicable). Each of Nova Roma's official interpreters is required to translate this edict into the language(s) for which they are responsible. The appendix to this edictum contains advices to citizens and should be forwarded/translated with the main document.

This edictum is effective immediately.

Given under my hand this 12th day of April 2763 A.U.C. in the consulship of P. Memmius and K. Buteo II.

K. Fabius Buteo Quintilianus Consul.


Nova Roma's email address for payments has been changed to effective January 1, 2009. The old PayPal address will be discontinued.

Payments made through the Album Civium are automatically directed to the new PayPal address.


Taxes may be paid in the following ways:

  • 1. log in at Album Civium
  • 2. go to My Account
  • 3. go to "make payment"
  • 4. add citizens to the list if paying for multiple citizens
  • 5. choose pay pal or check
  • 6. if choosing pay pal, continue through pay pal until it sends you back to My Account
  • 7. if choosing check, print and mail

Nota bene:

- Those outside the U.S.A. will need to obtain and send an International Money Order made out in U.S. dollars. Individual cheques in various currencies are unfortunately not acceptable to send by postal method as the checks are quickly devalued by the multiple bank charges to convert these to U.S. currency.
The current address of Nova Roma Mail correspondence for tax payments is:
Nova Roma
P.O. Box 404
Colchester, CT 06415
- Provincial governors may choose to set a central point in their provincial to which their citizens may remit taxes so that the province will only need to make a single payment to the central treasury. Citizens are encouraged to contact their governor to determine whether or not such an arrangement will be made. Provincial governors who follow the practice may choose to retain one-half of the taxes collected in their province for local use according to the local budgets they have prepared. This arrangement has the advantage of avoiding fees to have funds for local expenditures transmitted back to the province.
- Please contact the consuls at the addresses below if you are a citizen residing in an area for which a tax rate has not been calculated, and one shall be issued to you.
- Rates may differ from last year. They were recalculated using the United Nations total Gross Domestic Products (GDP) per capita of 2008 of all the countries above, as per the prevailing senatus consultum above. Any rounding off in final calculations herein has been confined to the nearest 0.05. Future conversions to USD through Pay Pal or lending institutions are easily resolved by use of conversion factors for various currencies, and so more liberal rounding of tax fees was not pursued.
- Additional consulta influencing the language of this edict: Item IV Item V
- Any questions regarding this edict may be directed to:
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