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The flag of Provincia Gallia

The Nova Roman provincia of Gallia is comprised of France, Belgium and Luxembourg. Cn. Cornelius Lentulus, the temporary legatus pro praetore (governor) of Provincia Gallia and dux of the Dioecesis of Europa Celtica et Germanica (Gallia, Britannia, Germania and Thule) has been chosen by the senate, due to his successful work in revitalizing other inactive subdivisions of Nova Roma, and has been given the task to put back Gallia to its feet. Currently, due to its inactivity, our Gallia province is organizationally joined up with the provinces of Britannia, Germania and Thule, and is part of the temporary umbrella unit the Dioecesis Europae Celticae et Germanicae, which was put under Cn. Lentulus' responsibility as its dux. His task is to do the same reorganization in these provinces, and to give them back to local leaders as soon as possible.

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You may consult Gallia's site or parts of it in French and Latin, just by clicking on one of the words corresponding to the following current national flags (France, Nova Roma):

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Cn. Cornelius Lentulus
Legatus pro praetore, Dux


Salvete, Galli! Gallia was one of the most active provinces of Nova Roma some years ago, it had a local registered nonprofit corporation to represent Nova Roma, which was called "Quirites, Inc.". Gallia hosted several local conventions and meetups. Our current pontifex maximus, C. Petronius Decter too, as a Frenchman, resides in Gallia.
These facts make Gallia one of the cultural and organizational centers of Nova Roma. We still have a number of citizens, some are reenactors, some are magistrates or former magistrates, so we have the talent and manpower in our hands. However, our Provincia Gallia is quiet and inactive, and we are currently working on bringing it back to its former glory. Help us restore the former level of activity to Nova Roman Gallia and make it a real center of Roman revivalism!
Please join our provincial group on Facebook and let's start making plans on building our community in France, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemboug, plans for Roman revival, Roman reenactment and cultural activities!
Cn. Cornelius Lentulus
Gallia and its territorial organization
Quirites French
association web site
Quirites was the local nonprofit corporation of Nova Roma in France for Provincia Gallia.
Quirinus, the Quirites webzine
Let us protect the Royal eagle, symbol of Rome!
[1] Magna Mater temple project: protection, study, development
Blog Apollonius
The "Blog Apollonius" is a blog created by Sex. Apollonius Scipio, former governor and praefectus of Gallia. It is one of the musts of the world archaeological information on Roman and ancient times.
Three generations of French Nova Romans.

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