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Listed here (in no particular order) are various achievements and projects hosted, or offered, by our many citizens in Nova Roma. Be sure to also see the various cultural impacts that Nova Roma has made directly.



Signa Romanorum or the "Roman monuments website" is a huge and ambitious project of vir praetorius M. Iulius Perusianus. The signa are the "signs", or "monuments" of the Romans they left us in order to perpetuate the memory of their virtues and abilities. The goal of the Signa Romanorum project is to collect, document (map, description, photograph) and categorize all the extant physical remains of the Roman empire:


Replica beads and Jewellery. Custom orders welcome.

A workshop hosted in Provincia Australia by citizen, Tita Caelia Dextra.


A podcast on Stoicism.

Presented by Nova Roma citizen T. Marius Habitus, this regular podcast discusses Stoicism, the 2000-year-old philosophy that has nurtured and guided some of the greatest men and women in history, as well as ways you can utilize this philosophy to live a more fruitful and meaningful life.


Latin through modern conversations.

Put together by Latinist and Senator, Hortensia Faustina, this e-book teaches Latin like a modern language. Enjoy the story of college students Annika, Cordus, Astur, and Hortensia as they order pizza, study, play computer games, and go to parties. Use it to make the leap to orality in Latin.


Learn to speak with ease!

A external formal Latin language school online, taught by experienced Latinists, like senior Nova Roma citizen, A. Tullia Scholastica.

  • Visit the website to enroll. (Select English on the page or use the in-line Google translate as required).


Make learning fun and a little bit destructive.

A great addition to anyone's library who wants to learn about the history of catapults and the men who played a part in their development, as well as build some table replicas. Authored by Provincia Australia citizen Q. Marius Faber.


Your free bi-monthly Roman podcast.

Vox Romana is a free podcast about all things Roman. With contributions from notable Nova Roma citizens, such as: A. Apollonius Cordus, M. Horatius Piscinus, A. Gratius Garseius Avitus, Cn. Salvius Astur, L. Arminius Faustus, P. Memmius Albucius and A. Tullia Scholastica.


A journey of life, love, discovery, and death in Roman Asia Minor.

By citizen C. Caristanius Theodorus, this fictional trilogy is a well researched narrative, praised by historical scholars for the accuracy of the time period.

  • Visit the blog and purchase the trilogy on his website.


Your home on Twitch for live broadcasts on all things Roman.

Managed and owned by citizen D. Aurelius Ingeniarius, this channel on the Twitch platform now hosts a growing selection of Roman and classical themed content. D. Aurelius is inducting more contributing streamers which will bring more diverse content at various times to suit our global Nova Roma audience. Watch Roman themed games, political discussions, Roman influenced crafting, cooking, literature reviews and interviews. This channel now generates revenue which goes back to supporting Nova Roma and its activities!


Lecturer, Tutor, and Honorary Fellow in the School of Historical and Philosophical Studies, University of Melbourne, Australia.

Provincia Australia citizen, T. Sentia Silvana, holds a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art from Monash University, Graduate and Postgraduate Diplomas in Classics and Archaeology and a PhD in Aegean Archaeology from the University of Melbourne.


A living history facility enabling research into Roman military life in a 1st century fort.

There are at the moment at least four projects in Nova Roma about building a Roman castra or settlement. One of the them is most complete, Castra Ovum led by A. Ocratius Maximus Gittus, praefectus Castrorim Ovi. You can see the magnificent results at the following link:

Another, initial phase project is lead by D. Marcius Vulpes, former praefectus regionis Cenomaniae and Castrum Novae Britanniae Project Owner and Manager, the Nova Roma region of Cenomania within Provincia Nova Britannia is establishing an authentic reconstruction of a 1st century Roman Military fort. Based on research of archaeological excavations of Roman forts in Britain, the reconstructed fort will meet the high re-enactment and living history standards. As they walk through the main gates, visitors will be taken back to a time when the Roman Army was expanding the empire and will be able to experience life as it might have been in Roman times.

Two other projects are in progress in our Provincia Pannonia and Dacia.


Two excellent pieces of work that is being shared with the Nova Roma community.

Senator C. Claudius Quadratus has put together two excellent pieces of work that is being shared with the Nova Roma community.

The yearly 12 monthly calendar contains information regarding festivals and events that took place on each date. In addition there is a list of emperors, dictators and usurpers, family trees, and an outline of the history of ancient Rome from the founding of the city through the death of Justinian.

His translation and vocabulary study of the 'Res Gestae' has three iterations of each section in various styles including one wherein long vowels are indicated with apices, words of more than two syllables have their accented syllables in bold type and all numbers and abbreviations are written out. The objective was to permit a smooth recitation of the the text with proper pronunciation and without having to pause at every number or consider the grammar of every abbreviation. Each section is followed by its pertinent vocabulary and there is a cumulative vocabulary after the final section indicating all of the sections in which each word appears.


Ancient Roman fan. Writing a novel. All pics self-taken, no filter.

Long time citizen, D. Claudius Aquilinus has a very popular Instagram account in his name with over 63K followers. There he shares amazing, authentic, unfiltered images of museum pieces, mosaics, artefacts and ancient sites from around the world. Thousands of images he has taken himself.


Real Roman brotherhood and sense of family in action

The Wild Hunt news site reports Nova Roma to have assisted saving lives of fellow Roman revivalists and members of Nova Roma and the Templum organization, see the article:


Raising awareness about the importance of archaeological preservation

The Magna Mater Project was an official project of Nova Roma, started by our Italian citizens, to help raise funds in cooperation with the La Sapienza University of Rome to sponsor the archaeological restoration works of the Magna Mater shrine on the Palatine. The project helped raise awareness about this fantastic archaeological site even though the fundraising itself was eventually cancelled. Thanks to this project, a very wide international audience of ancient Rome enthusiast was made educated about the history and the cultural significance of Magna Mater and the shrine, and fruitful collaboration was born between the archaeologists of the university and Nova Roma.


An online ancient Roman studies academy by Nova Romans for Nova Roma

Our Scandinavian citizens founded the Academia Thules as their private initiative and for many years it served the people of Nova Roma and many interested parties outside the organization, as well, with various courses on Roman history, law, Latin language and various ancient Rome related studies. It was a unique initiate in the world to provide high quality university style education about all things Roman, as school that is all about ancient Rome.


The "Nova Roman Xenia Project" is the Nova Roman guest friendship project founded by Cn. Cornelius Lentulus, essentially an initiative to help fellow citizens of Nova Roma to travel around the world and visit each other's cities and countries, especially where remains of the Roman Empire are to be found. Members of this project make fellow Nova Romans feel welcome as guests in their homes for free, thus aiding their fellow citizens in travel and facilitating the gathering together of members of our global Roman community whereby real life relationships could develop. This fosters greater awareness of the foreign cultures from which fellow Nova Romans come, ultimately allowing us to build our own New Roman culture.


Bringing Roman culture to the people everywhere

Our Sodalitas Egressus created the Nova Roma outreach and recruitment project which focused on spreading the love of Romanitas in universities, campuses, educational institutions and generally anywhere that is a good place for the purpose, and on making the name of Nova Roma better known, to facilitate our mission.


Saving wildlife related to ancient Roman culture

The Aquila Heliaca was a project started by Nova Roman citizens to help the preservation of the imperial eagle.

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