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Did Not Find What You Were Looking For?

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Salve mi amice (Welcome, my friend)!

So, you are exploring the possibility of becoming our Newest Citizen of New Rome!

We welcome your interest and look forward to your joining us in our international Roman Republic reconstruction project. We are sure you have many questions about the Res Publica (Republic), so after you read this page, feel free to browse our Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to some commonly asked questions.

What Nova Roma membership means for you

First, it allows you to be part of an international project to help ensure that the past foundations laid by the Roman Republic, which led to the development of the modern Western World, are remembered and preserved in the present for those generations of the future. It is in a since, Nation Re-Building.

With the advent of global connectivity to virtually every remote village in the world, those of similar minds and desire may now converse, work together with, and build “Nations” together, rather than just reading about it in a book in the local library.

If the ancient world peaks your interest, either a little or a lot, Nova Roma is the place for you. There are many opportunities for you to delve into the ancient world, and especially Ancient Rome. It’s kind of like getting your Masters in Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations, but you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars to your local college or university to do so. Many of our Citizens are from the collegiate community (from students to staff), but many are not.

The good thing is that the opportunity to participate in Nova Roma is absolutely free. However, we do have “Taxes,” which are optional annual dues. Should you choose to become actively involved in the Magistracies, your Provincial Government, or your Local Government within Nova Roma, you will have to pay your Taxes before you can be officially appointed or elected.

We use the revenue from Citizen Taxes (Membership Dues) to maintain the website, provide for real life face-to-face events and activities, fund real-life charity projects, pay for general macronational expenses involved with maintaining the organization, etc. The Taxes are minimal and have various levels, based on commitment and desire to participate. Information on Citizen Taxes can be found on the Main Page of the website under the Current Events section.

How do I benefit by joining?

It’s simple. You share what you have with us, and we will share what we have with you. There are many ways to benefit from membership in the Res publica:

  • Learn about Rome and the Ancient world from experts in their fields, historical researchers, authors, and more informed citizens.
  • Have a forum to express your ideas and thoughts on ancient Rome.
  • Experience the workings of the Forum Romanum on the official Main Yahoo! List.
  • Join one of the four Racing Factions of ancient Rome and participate in Chariot Races and Horse Race, plus other historical games, like virtual gladiator fighting and animal hunts in the Circus Maximus and Circus Flaminius.
  • Participate in and compete against others online in Cultural Events and Activities during the Ludi (Games), which are held several times throughout the year annually.
  • Join a Special Interest Group (Sodalitas) and join in discussions, events and activities with others of the same interest. There are many different groups, so there’s probably one or more that suit you interests. If there is not one, feel free to start a new Sodalitas. Once your group meets the requirements, you can petition the Senate for official state approval!
  • Serve in government on the local, provincial or national levels in Executive, Legislative or Judicial posistions.
  • Climb to the top (from Scriba to Consul) of the Roman Republican ladder by advancing through the Cursus Honorum. There are many jobs to fill, just like in ancient Rome. When do you want to apply?
  • Learn about the Religio Romana, the religion of the ancient Romans. You can become a practitioner, train for the priesthood, and advance to become the Pontifex Maximus, or just be an observer to study and learn how the old system worked. This is not a reenacting group, but an organized religion that has been reintroduced to the world with a working environment to propel it to success.
  • Learn the Roman Way (via Romana) and experience it in a manner consistent with its older counterpart.
  • Become an instructor to others in the various topics on ancient Rome.
  • Learn about the Roman Military establishment.
  • Learn about the Roman Civic establishment.
  • Be a Mercator of the Equestrian Order (Ordo Equestor). Start or petition to have your Ancient-Mediterranean business included in our Macellum (Marketplace). If you are willing to donate a portion of your sales to the Treasury of the Res publica, your business can reach a global audience within your market.
  • Have some friends that share your interests? Start a local group, which meets regualrly to share the Nova Roma experience on a personal, face-to-face level. This can be a living history group, purely social, research group, charity or educational group, etc. What do you want to do?
  • Share your knowledge and experience with others, so that they may benefit.
  • Work your way to becoming a Roman Senator, with a real job, not a reenactment portrayal, but someone who is responsible for the participation in and maintenance of a working legislative body.

There are MI (1,001) ways to benefit from membership in Nova Roma. We’re sure there is one or two that fit your interests.

How do I get started?

First of all, learn what Nova Roma is about. If you haven't yet read over the Nova Roma site, we suggest you do so before becoming a citizen. Note particularly our Declaration and Constitution. It is the bases of how we exist and operate.

Second, choose a Roman Name, which is something we ask all our prospective citizens to do. It is how you are identified by the Magistrates and other Citizens. The Choosing a Roman name page is probably the most informative page on the subject on the Internet. It will walk you through the process, as the Roman names were a different style than our modern formatting of the name. Instead of First Middle and Last Name, you will have a First, Last and Nickname, BUT certain rules apply.

Next, apply for Official Citizenship (Membership) within Nova Roma. Don’t worry, it is MICROnational, not MACROnational, so you won’t be risking or jeopardizing your real-world status as a citizen of your real-life country.

For any applicant of citizenship, it is recommended to study elementary matters of Nova Roman citizenship and basic Roman history, religion, language, and social practices. We also encourage you to learn at least some basic Latin that will help you in our online communications. It is not required, but it is useful to know some of the basic greetings and terminology you will be encountering.

The citizenship application form has two parts. On the first page, we ask you for information about yourself. On the second (last) page, you will choose a Roman name which will complete the process. If you are under 18, you have to ask your parents to apply for citizenship first, and once they are citizens, they will have to register you.

While you are waiting for citizenship approval (normally 2-3 days), it is very important that you subscribe to our e-mail forum for new citizens and write an introduction about yourself as soon as possible. You may also want to join our other discussion boards and special interest groups of Nova Roma before you apply for citizenship.

Once you are granted Citizenship, if you want to “jump in” up front, you may also pay your taxes for the current year by clicking on the Taxes are due for the current year link on the Main Page under the Current Events section. It is not required for new citizens, but it will open up opportunities for you that you may not be able to participate in unless you are a Full Citizen or Assidui (Tax Payer).

As we have no real-world money to pay our citizens for their participation and efforts toward helping further the Res Public, we do award points for participation and service called “Census Points” or CPs. Unless you are of the Assidui, in most cases, your opportunity to earn is limited. Position and status in ancient Rome was based on wealth. In Nova Roma it is based on earning CPs, for which there are many ways. Ready to start earning some? The Censors are ready to pay you for your efforts.

After your citizenship is approved, you can start with your first steps as a new citizen!



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Salve mi amice (Welcome, my friend)!

So, you are now our Newest Citizen of New Rome!

Welcome to Nova Roma!

Now that you are a Civis of Nova Roma, you may be asking yourself, "Now what do I do?" Thereare many things to do, and you will find them in time. You should do the following immediately:

  • Join the Main List, which is our online Forum Romanum, where you can learn what is going on in the Res Publica. You should introduce yourself and announce to everyone that you just became a New Citizen!

  • Go to the Provincial Directory Page and determine what province you are in and who your Provincial Governor is, then send him/her an email of introduction. If you are interested in helping out in your province, inform your Governor of your interest. He/She may have an opening for you, or may be able to point you in the right direction for a job in the Res publica. If your province has no current Governor, then ask on the Main List, and someone will be able to help you.

  • Explore the sections and links on the Main Page and the information listed below.

  • Go to the Album civium (Roll of Citizens) and search for your name. This should bring up your Res Publica page, listing your citizenship information. You can let everyone know what racing faction you belong to, what your contact information is, and what special intrest groups you belong to. This page will also tell you about your public service record, the Tribe and Century you belong to, and your total Census Points earned. DO NOT create a Bio page for yourself. You can do it, but it will be erased by the WikiPraetorians, as Bio Pages are reserved for those who have served in Public Office as part of the Cursus Honorum.

Our Society

Novi Romani at the Ludi Romani

Here are some ideas for starting your Nova Roma experience.

Mailing Lists

First of all, you might want to subscribe to a couple of mailing lists.

Clubs (Sodalitates)

Are you interested in a special aspect of Roman life? Something about ancient Rome tickle your fancy? Perhaps one of the sodalitates matches your interest.

Local Events and Groups

Get in touch with people in your area. Have some face-to-face interaction with other citizens. If there are no citizens in your local area, and you have some friends with similar interests, contact your Provincia Governor and inquire about setting up a Local Group in your area.

On Being Roman

These are something you need to know:

Essential Latin

You'll find that the conversation in Nova Roma's various fora is peppered with Latin phrases. Here are a few quick-and-dirty lessons in "essential Latin" that might make things easier to comprehend for those who never took Latin in school:


The basic right-- some would say obligation-- of all Nova Roman cives. Learn about our voting procedure and your role in the voting process. You want to be involved? Vote. To the Roman, it is a Responsibility, not a Right.

The Ordo Equester

Roman Caligae (Boot) Pattern

Are you able to make some sort of Roman-themed craft? Do you know how to sew? Have you been making caligae in your basement for 20 years and now you want to sell some of them? You can set up shop as a member of the Ordo Equester and help Nova Roma's treasury while turning a profit for yourself at the same time!


Most magistrates appoint assistants (called scribae) to assist with their duties. If you contact a magistrate and offer your service as a scriba you will almost certainly be given a job that will help you learn more about Nova Roma and Roma Antiqua.

Running for public office is yet another way to contribute to Nova Roma. There is an explanation of the various magistracies to help you figure out what you might find interesting.

This should give you enough information to get you started! Live well, may the gods be with you, and have fun in the Res publica!

Vale optime (a best farewell),

The Censors

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