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Our magistracies

Aedilis curulis
Aedilis plebis
Tribunus plebis
Tribunus militum

Praefectus rei publicae administrandae
Curator aerarii
Curator rei informaticae


Classification of magistracies

Magistracy overview

The rogatores are a type of election officials as defined in article II.C.1. of the lex Tullia de comitiis habendis.

They are appointed by a presiding officer shortly before the comitia, or by the edict of summons, for the duration of the comitia. Their term of office ends automatically when the comitia are dissolved. They shall uniformly receive service points according to the article III.A.7.c.ii of the lex Arria de censu civium aestimando, “4th rank Officials: Apparitor (accensus, scriba, praeco, lictor etc)”. Only assidui can be appointed, and the presiding magistrate is not allowed to occupy this office.

The duties of the rogatores are:

  • To encourage the citizens to vote by advertising the voting in any and all venues of communication;
  • To assist citizens in the voting procedure;
  • To answer citizen questions in connection to the technical and procedural aspects of voting;
  • To identify and to register the voters by centuries or tribes, and to pass the anonymous list of votes by centuries and tribes to the diribitores for counting; and
  • For the sake of tiebreaking, the rogatores shall provide the citizenship date and the birthdate of all candidates to the diribitores.

Under the duration of the voting period, the rogatores shall identify the centuries and tribes of the individual voters, group the votes by centuries and tribes, and shall, no later than within 3 hours after the end of the voting period, report the votes by centuries or tribes, without the name of the voters, to the diribitores. If the diribitores need help in the counting, the rogatores and the custodes are allowed to assist.

The rogatores shall have access both to the cista and Censorial Database of the Album Civium in order to fulfil their duties. Because the rogatores work with sensitive private data of the citizens, only officers of the Censorial Office may be appointed to this position. One of the rogatores can also be appointed as custos. There shall be at least one rogator for any given session of the comitia. Candidates for censorship, consulship, praetorship and plebeian tribuneship may not serve as rogatores.

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