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Our territorial organization

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The Republic

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Cohors Praetoria
Provincial Councils

Nova Roma's territorial organization lays on the existence of provinces, created by the Senate. The provinces may cover one current country, two or several ones, or internal subdivisions of countries, at the discretion of the Senate.

As a corollary, the internal organization of each province, which is left, this time, at the discretion of each governor, is a consequence of the territory assigned to the concerned province by the Senate of Nova Roma.

Generally, governors have created sub-provincial territorial levels. Though no mandatory legal vocabulary exists currently, the most frequent word is this of regio (Lat. regio,-nis, plural regiones).

We thus see that according the size and the possible transationality of a given province, a regio may comprise :

  • one country when the province is composed of at least two countries : ex. Nova Roma province of Hispania - Spain and Portugal);
  • two or more countries (theoretical case);
  • one or several sub-levels of countries (ex. a U.S.A. State in all U.S.A. Nova Roma provinces)
  • in theory, one or several "sub-level(s) 2" of one concerned country.


As their existence is at the discretion of Nova Roma's concerned governor, the status of the official placed at the head of a regio may vary from a province to another, knowing that, in addition, Nova Roma Law has not wished defining the titles of such sub-provincial officials, leaving this field to each governor.

So regiones may be governed either by a praefectus or a legatus, to take the most frequent titles. A procurator may also, for example, be found.

Generally, the officials in charge of the regiones have the same type of powers : general powers on the regio, on delegation of the governor. As they own their position from the governor, and may be dismissed by him/her at any time, such powers must necessary, in legal terms, seen as a temporary delegation on the concerned territory. Such heads of regiones have no imperium, nor ius edicandi (write to issue edicts), stricto sensu, though they are recognized the right to take every necessary administrative measure in the frame of the received delegation.

As several Western systems of public Law, Nova Roma makes a difference - though a basic one -between the grade and the function.

The function of "Head of a regio" may thus be assumed by a first rank official, a second rank one, or just a simple scriba.

Regiones in provinciae of Nova Roma

Regio Lusitania
(Provincia Hispania)
Regio Carolina
(Provincia America Austroccidentalis)
Regio Florida
(Provincia America Austroccidentalis)
Regio Georgia
(Provincia America Austroccidentalis)
Regio Mississippi
(Provincia America Austroccidentalis)
Regio Tennessee
(Provincia America Austroccidentalis)

CHARTA PROVINCIALIS, Provincia America Austrorientalis, Nova Roma

List of the current regional lieutenant governors

Regio Rostallonensis - Praefectus Regionis Rostallonensis - C. Villius Vulso
Regio Marcomannia - Legatus Regionis Marcomanniae - Sex. Lucilius Tutor
Civitas Boihaemum - Praefectus Civitatis Boihaemi - Ti. Iulius Nerva
Regio Lusitania - Praefectus Regionis Lusitaniae - C. Cocceius Spinula

nb: For details on the vacant regions, contact the governor of the provincia for details.

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