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Provincial council. In Italia, which is not called provincia, the consilium exists, too, the only difference is that it is not called "provincial".

In some provinces, the consilium is a decision making democratic body where all members vote on provincial edicts (e.g. in Italia), in most of the provinces, however, it is just an advisory body to the governor's assistance.

The consilium provinciae is usually the inner circle of the cohors praetoria, and consists of the highest ranking officials of the provinces, but the practice varies from province to province, and there are Nova Roman provinces where all members of the cohors praetoria are members of the consilium provinciae, and there are provinces where there is no consilium provinciae at all.

Previous practices for titles

The consilium provinciae in some provinces was previously called curia, which was a bad practice that had to be corrected, because the Roman curia was the building of the senate, not the council of the governor. Examples for this past incorrect practice included the council of Nova Roman Italia that was called Curia Italica, the council of Hipsania, Curia Hispanica, or the council of Dacia, Curia Dacica.

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