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Cohors Praetoria
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The staff personnel of the praetorium, cohors praetoria ("the leader's team" in Latin), handle areas like the treasury, the military, interprovincial relations, and public games and gatherings.

The cohors praetoria consists of all the assistants (legati, praefecti, scribae and other apparitores) of provincial governors.

All members of the cohors have an important field of responsibility.

The cohors praetoria in the provinces is the modern equivalent of the followers of the provincial governor of the ancient empire. The governor's retinue was in many respects a military one; they all acted in a foreign country that could be hostile.

As the governors of the old days, the Nova Roman governor, too, expects a certain loyalty, discipline and unity from his/her cohors. The members of the cohors should, as a kind of General's staff, set an example in this and all Roman behavior to the rest of the citizenry.

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