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A legatus is an appointed representative of the government, either military or civilian. There are two types of legati within the Nova Roman Republic.

Legatus pro praetore

The legatus pro praetore (commissioner in place of praetor) is a kind of provincial governor appointed by the Senate. This is the lowest rank among the governors and it is given to a person who hasn't served as praetor or consul. See also other types of governors.

Legatus of the provincial governor

The legatus appointed by a provincial governor is simply referred as legatus or "legate". This legatus is an appointed officer of the governor in a provincial administration. Generally, a legate is the governor's representative in a particular sub-unit of the province called regio: their title is then legatus regionis. However, several governors have appointed legates as their representative to a particular re-enactment unit as well, their title is legatus militaris or legatus militiae. Some governors appoint different legates to deal with provincial business (legatus rebus internis) and interprovincial business (legatus rebus externis).

The exact title of a legate depends on the title of the governor who appointed him. We can see the following five variants:

  • legatus legati pro praetore (commissioner of the commissioner in place of praetor)
  • legatus propraetoris (commissioner of the vice-praetor)
  • legatus proconsulis (commissioner of vice-consul)
  • legatus praetoris (commissioner of the praetor)
  • legatus consulis (commissioner of the consul)

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