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Aedilis curulis
Aedilis plebis
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Curator aerarii
Curator rei informaticae
Praefectus rei publicae administrandae
Magister aranearius
Editor commentariorum

Classification of magistracies

Magistracy overview


The curator rei informaticae (fem. curatrix) is the supervisor and the board level head of information technology within the Nova Roman Republic. Appointed by the Nova Roman Senate, the curator rei informaticae acts in the capacity of Chief Information Officer of Nova Roma under the direction of the consuls and cooperating with the magistri aranearii.

The duties of the curator rei informaticae, as defined by senatus consultum, are:

  • 1. To oversee all of Nova Roma's IT infrastructure, including but not limited to: the album civium, the website, e-mail, and other services.
  • 2. To be the primary technical contact for all domain names owned by Nova Roma, to ensure registration and maintenance of all Nova Roma domains.
  • 3. To be the primary technical contact for all hosting and technology companies with which Nova Roma interacts.
  • 4. To fulfill any mandates of magistrates or the Senate with regards to IT issues.
  • 5. To appoint and manage a team of IT professionals to assist in these duties.
  • 6. To oversee and manage the IT budget.
  • 7. To ensure as much as possible the protection of information in Nova Roma databases, maintain a copyright policy, a privacy policy and other policies established by the Senate for the use and maintenance of Nova Roma databases.
  • 8. To advise the Senate and magistrates on IT issues related to a corporate business plan and the employment of the Internet facilities to further corporate planning."

The curator rei informaticae delegates technical decisions to employees more familiar with details, and proposes the information technology Nova Roma may need to achieve its goals and then works within a budget to implement the plan. The curator rei informaticae is involved with analyzing and reworking existing business processes, with identifying and developing the capability to use new tools, with reshaping the physical infrastructure and network access of Nova Roma, and with identifying and exploiting its knowledge resources.

The curator rei informaticae reports to consuls of Nova Roma.

Beside the curator rei informaticae there is an inferior official webmaster, the magister aranearius, appointed by the Senate who helps the work of the curator rei informaticae under the curator 's authority. The senate can appoint any number of magistri aranearii.

Curator Rei Informaticae

Magister Aranearius

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