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The modern practice of the religion of the Romans, the Cultus Deorum Romanorum is an attempt to reconstruct the ancient religion of the Romans as closely as possible. The Cultus Deorum Romanorum, cannot be approached by inserting Roman deity names into Greek religion or any other system, for it is a unique product of the culture that created it. It demands steadfastness, devotion to duty and working in harmony with the eternal gods and with universal order, for the benefit not only of ourselves but also the world around us. With right action and attitudes towards the gods, both the State and the individual will prosper. Yet the cultus deorum involves more than pious action and worldly power; there are also mystery traditions which focus on inner spiritual growth.

Official Mailing List

The official mailing list for discussion of the cultus deorum in Nova Roma is at

Cultus Deorum in Roma Antiqua

It is difficult to talk about Roman religion as a whole, since it is really composed of a large number of separate cults. In this sense there are many Roman religions. A number of specific terms are in use that let us focus on specific aspects of this large whole. Most inclusively, "Roman religion" could mean any religious belief or practice that was held or performed by any person who ever held Roman citizenship. In addition to the traditional sacra publica (state cults) and sacra privata (private cults), this includes such "foreign cults" as Judaism, early Christianity, various Egyptian cults and much more. Also included would be mystery cults that catered to the individual and the many fraternal collegia.

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Selected photo
Temple of Saturn courtesy of Vroma.jpg

The Temple of Saturn in the Forum.
Cultus Deorum in Nova Roma

The modern practice of the Cultus Deorum is an attempt to reconstruct the ancient religion of the Romans as closely as possible, making as few concessions to modern sensibilities as possible. As with other forms of historical reconstructionism, every attempt is made to rely on actual historical and archaeological evidence, and interpolations are made only when the primary sources are silent, and then we strive to be consistent with them.

Official Mailing List

The official mailing list for discussion of the Cultus Deorum in Nova Roma is at

Starting with the Cultus Deorum today

Because of the principles of reconstructionism, almost everything that can be said about the historical Cultus is also true about the modern Cultus. Reading about the Numa tradition, the Lararium and Household worship would be a good start. You can find a list of prayers to the various gods here. Read more about starting with the practice of Roman religion for starters.

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Nova Roma Calendar

Our calendar lists all of our official festivals. A printed version is available from Caius Curius Saturninus.

The nundinal letter this year is G.
Cultus Deorum projects

Magna Mater Project

The ultimate goal is the restoration of the Palatine temple of Magna Mater. There is a full description of the project.

Wiki projects

Citizens are invited to add photos to the lararium page.
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