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Nova Roma is an international organization dedicated to the study and restoration of ancient Roman culture. From its founding until it ceased to be the center of Imperial authority Rome laid the foundation for our modern Western civilization. Founded 2,750 years after the Eternal City itself, Nova Roma seeks to bring back those golden times, not through the sword and the legions, however, but through the spread of knowledge and through our own virtuous example.

Republic and Corporation

The Nova Roman Republic is legally incorporated as a nonprofit educational and charitable organization, Nova Roma, Inc., and the structure and activity of the Republic are always identical with those of the Corporation.

Learn more in our FAQ.

Society and Citizenry
Citizens of Nova Roma form a social structure with patricians and plebeians, equestrians and senators, with classes, centuries and tribes that pretty much reconstruates the ancient Roman society, and makes our citizens feel in a thoroughly Roman community environment.
Nova Roma is divided into a number of provinces. A provincia can comprise a single country or several, or on the other end of the spectrum, can be made up of sub-national units from a single country. Unlike provinces of Canada or American states, Nova Roman provinciae are creations of the Senate, the 'national' governing body. The Senate, under the lex Cornelia Domitia de re publica constituenda, can create a new provincia or combine existing ones by senatus consultum. The Senate also has the power to appoint and replace governors.

Nova Roma has a great number of reenactment legions, many of which are our own fully Nova Roman legions, others are just allied legions (our "auxiliaries"). Reenactment in Nova Roma is not simply archaeology theater or museum education in Roman clothing and equipment. Our legions are the honor guard of Nova Roma as the restoration of the military traditions of ancient Rome, albeit in a non-violent, ceremonial, educational form. This ceremonial army serves a role similar to a scouting movement within the modern cultural organization.

Our legions are under the imperium of the governor of the province as general where they reside, while the consuls are the supreme commanders-in-chief of the entire exercitus. Our legionary officers are not actors, either, but they are duly appointed from rank and file, after necessary practice and qualifications.
State Treasury
The Nova Roman Aerarium Publicum is the repository for all the official financial documents of the State. All official documents and treasury reports of the quaestors are available for the perusal of all at any time.
Laws, Edicts, Constitution
The legal system of Nova Roma is modeled on that of ancient Rome, and it consists of the rules and regulations applicable to and inside Nova Roma (bylaws and other policy resolutions). These include the leges (laws) adopted by the comitia, the assemblies of Nova Roma, the senatus consulta, the pontifical decrees and magisterial edicts. All policies of Nova Roma must be in accordance with our foundational document, the Declaration of Nova Roma.
Magistrates and the Senate

Elected annually by the comitia, our magistrates are the executive officers of the Nova Roman Republic. Our government is as close to that of the Roman Republic as technically possible: the chief magistrates, the presidents of the res publica are the two consuls, with equal authorization. The praetors are the deputy presidents, standing in for the consuls when needed, and they manage the judiciary system of Nova Roma (internal conflict resolution system). The aediles are responsible for the cultural activities and for running the infrastructure and community life of Nova Roma, the quaestors assist the higher magistrates and administer the State Treasury.

Our Senate is patterned after that of the Old Republic, as well, and it serves as the governing body of Nova Roma (it is the Board of Directors of the organization). Senators are appointed by the censors during census.
Priestly Colleges
The reconstruction process of the mos maiorum, the Roman virtues, the various Roman traditions, customs, ceremonies and the sacra publica of the Roman religion is under the guidance and supervision of the Collegium Pontificum of Nova Roma, composed by the pontifex maximus, and the pontifices and flamines. The regulation of the auspices is maintained by the Collegium Augurum. All other priesthoods and priestly colleges are under the direction of the pontifices.
Annals of Nova Roma
Read the Annals of Nova Roma, from its founding in Fl. Vedio M. Cassio cos. MMDCCLI a.u.c. to the present.
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