Provincia Alasca et Havaia (Nova Roma)

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Alasca et Havaia

Nova Roma

Flag of Provincia Alasca et Havaia Marcus Pompeius Caninus

The Provincia of Alasca et Havaia in Nova Roma comprises the U.S. States of Alaska and Hawaii.

The Provincia was organized and created by order of the Senate of Nova Roma on a.d. IX Kal. Nov. 2766 a.u.c. (Oct. 24, 2013) and is one of the numerous Provinciae of Nova Roma, each of which has its own governor and organizes its own events and activities.

Nova Roma has much to offer to all those interested in the many facets of Ancient Rome. We have many associations which are dedicated to studying a wide range of topics, including but not limited to the Roman military, the Latin Language, and various cultural arts. Nova Roma is diverse enough to accommodate almost any field of interest in Ancient Rome, including the Religio Romana.

For administrative purposes, the provincia is also divided into Regiones, geographically corresponding to modern political districts, each of which is assigned a Legate, who deals with the day-to-day running of his or her Regio.

The Provincia is administered by a governor appointed by the Senate of Nova Roma. The governor has the power of imperium and can issue edicts (laws on the provincial level). The governor can also appoint Legati and Scribae. All of these have different titles (see the Cohors Propraetoris). Although the governor holds imperium within his or her provincia, the Provincia is not a self-governing entity, rather it is managed by the governor who acts according to the will of the Senate of Nova Roma.


The Praetorium is the office of the governor of a Nova Roman province. The governor is assisted by a staff like that of a present day government.

The staff personnel of the Praetorium, the Cohors praetoria, handle areas like the treasury, the military, interprovincial relations, and public games and gatherings. The Cohors Praetoria consists of all the assistants (legati, praefecti and scribae) of the governor.

All legati and praefecti are part of the Consilium provinciae, the inner circle of the Cohors. All other officials appointed by the governor are parts of the outer circle of the Cohors. This does not mean that they lack in importance. On the contrary, they each have an important field of responsibility.

The whole Cohors is the modern equivalent of the advisors of the provincial Governor of Roma Antiqua. The governor's retinue in antiquity was in many respects a military one, today they are valuable advisors and administrative assistants.

As the governors of the old days, the governor expects a certain loyalty, discipline and unity from the Cohors Praetoria. The members of the Consilium Provinciae should, as a kind of General's staff, set an example in this and all Roman behavior to the rest of the Cohors.


Marcus Pompeius Caninus
Praetorium: Bethel, Alaska


Titus Sicinius Lupus

Other Staff Members





Propraetor's Annual Report to the Senate

Provincial History

The Provincia was organized and created by order of the Senate of Nova Roma on a.d. IX Kal. Nov. 2766 a.u.c. (Oct. 24, 2013).


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