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<span style="font-size:x-large; color:#ff0000">&bull;</span> '''The Senate of Nova Roma is now in session.'''
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The Senate of Nova Roma is now in session.

The 8th Nova Roman Reenactor Camp is being held now in two places, in Szolnok, Hungary (Aug. 5-11) and in burgus Colonia Rostallo, Hungary (8-16. Aug)

The Comitia Centuriata is officially closed. Here are the results: I - The Repeal of the Lex Labienia de Custodia Perpetua Fori - PASSED. II - Amend the Lex Arminia de Fovenda Lingua Latinia (Strike out Section III) - PASSED. III - Amend Section II. C. 2. Of the Constitution - PASSED This will now go to the Senate in the August session for ratification. IV - Lex Cornelia de Apparitoribus - PASSED. V - Lex Cornelia de Punctis Censualibus (was the Lex Cornelia Centuriata) - PASSED. VI - Lex Cornelia de Cursu Honorum - PASSED.
The Comitia Plebis Tributa will be summoned in September 2766 AUC.

Aquila Nova Roma - The Eagle has returned! The Official Newsletter of Nova Roma is now a blog and will feature new articles along with some interesting previously published articles.

March 1 - 15 - Nova Roma celebrated the 15th Anniversary of its founding, the Birthday of Nova Roma, with the ludi Novi Romani. Find more details, programs and the list of winners here

Taxes are now due. Deadline: March 31st. (List of assidui )

Join the Nova Roman guest-friendship project.

Watch videos about Nova Roma on YouTube

Watch amazing photos of Nova Roman wedding ceremonies, a consecration of an augur, and an inauguration of a templum

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