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CONCORDIALIA - the 14th anniversary of the founding of Nova Roma celebrated by the ludi Novi Romani from March 1st - 15th. LISTEN TO THE ANNOUNCEMENTS!

Participate in the ludi Novi Romani from March 1st - 14th.

Taxes are now due. Deadline: March 31st. (List of assidui )

December 8 - 22 - Watch the photo report of this years' Nova Roman Saturnalia celebration in Pannonia organized by Cn. Lentulus and the other Saturnalia celebration at Saint Petersburg, Provincia Sarmatia .

September 7 - 16 - The Ludi Romani were celebrated in two live events held in Plovdiv, Bulgaria (7th - 9th September), and in Szolnok, Hungary (8th September), organized by Cn. Lentulus, with games, programs and quizzes ongoing online. Watch the photo reports of these events!

Join the Nova Roman guest-friendship project.

Watch videos about Nova Roma on YouTube

Watch amazing photos of Nova Roman wedding ceremonies, a consecration of an augur, and an inauguration of a templum

Support Nova Roma


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