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Governing legal authority

The official lists/groups of Nova Roma are governed according to the terms and conditions of the Senatus consultum ultimum here

Lists for Nova Roman citizens only

State sponsored lists

The Forum list
A general discussion group. Internal political debates and heated civic controversies are forbidden topics. This is our equivalent to the ancient forum
The Rostra list
A discussion list focused solely on Nova Roman internal politics.

Magistrate's tribunal offices

The Basilica list
A list where Nova Roman citizens can be summoned to appear before magistrates to deal with magisterial official business, or to pose questions of magistrates relating to their office. Serves the consuls, censors, praetors, aediles and the praefectus urbi.

Your First List To Join

The Trans Tiberim list
An official list for non-citizens and prospective citizens awaiting induction into an ius Latii list. It discusses points of history, culture, cooking, religious questions, of Latin language and literature, re-enactment, etc. It does not discuss internal issues relating to Nova Roma, especially political matters.

Official Mailing Lists

The Praeconium mailing list 
Contains official announcements; calls to vote, results of elections, magisterial edicts, etc. If you still want to have an ear to the ground to find out what's going on, but don't have the time to devote to a high-volume list, this list would be perfect for you.


The Domus Publica discussion group 
The official group for discussion on the Religio Romana (Roman religion).

Unofficial Mailing Lists

Lists run by citizens with various Nova Roma-related themes or purposes.

"Aquila Heliaca
(public) A project to help save the Imperial Eagle

The Nova Roma Senate identified these additional groups:

Other venues

The official monthly magazine of Nova Roma, Aquila, is the voice of our Res Publica.

Our IRC chat is open to citizens of Nova Roma. It is always available, but most people tend to participate on "Market Days", which occur every eighth day; you can view the current calendar to see when the next Market Day is - or drop in anytime.

Many citizens have chosen to publish their IDs in various instant message systems (Yahoo, AOL, IRC, etc.).

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