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One of the Sodalitates of Nova Roma.

Sodalitas Militarium - Roman Military

Members discuss and study aspects of the Roman Military with focus on Infantry, Cavalry, Naval, Engineering and Cartography. Although the Sodalitas Militarium in no way promotes conquest and unnecessary military force, we are intrigued by the efficiency of the Roman Military Vehicle and its positive contributions to the foundation of Ancient and contemporary civilization, as well as its tactical legacy to the military forces of today. Members discuss Ancient Roman military strategies, tactics, battles, and plan future sodalitas events. The Sodalitas is also involved in the sponsoring of Roman Reenactment Legions worldwide.

Praefectus Castrorum: Marcus Minucius Audens

Co-Praefectus: Gallio Velius Marsallas, Praefectus of Legio XXIV Media Atlantia

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