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Nova Roma

CIV-Aulus Vitellius Celsus.jpg

A. Vitellius Celsus
legatus pro praetore.

Bulgarian Nova Romans with the leadership of A. Vitellius Celsus, and with the support of legatus pro praetore Cn. Lentulus, have created a Nova Roman provincia in Bulgaria, Provincia Thracia. The work for a Nova Roman province and for the promotion of Roman culture in Bulgaria was carried out in cooperation with cultural organizations like the MOS MAIORUM ULPIAE SERDICAE, SASR-SILA and LEGIO IIII SCYTHICA - Roman military reenacting group, led by other Nova Roma member - Tiberius Cassius Geminus. Currently the Nova Roman Thracia is legally represented in Bulgaria and is identical to the Association for Antique reconstruction "MOS MAIORUM ULPIAE SERDICAE".

Local chapter

Provincial websites

Events in Thracia Nova Romana

Thracian Nova Romans organized various large-scale national and international Roman events for Nova Romans. Reports about some of them:

Other reports and videos of events

Facebook group of Nova Roma in Bulgaria

List of active Bulgarian Nova Roman citizens

  1. Tiberius Pompeius Lepidus
  2. Mania Ulpia Nigra
  3. Tiberius Cassius Geminus
  4. Appia Ulpia Nero
  5. Tiberia Claudia Lepida
  6. Gaius Decius Crassus
  7. Aulus Vitellius Celsus
  8. Marcus Livius Taurus
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