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Gallia's flag

Novaroman provincia of GALLIA is in Western Europe and covers the territory of current states of France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Netherlands.

You may consult Gallia's site or parts of it - if already available! -
in French, Dutch and Latin, just by clicking on one of the words corresponding to the following current national flags/versions (France, Netherlands, Nova Roma):


French version

Nederlands Nederlands version

Latin version


CIV-Publius Memmius Albucius.jpg

P. Memmius Albucius

(Leg. pr. pr.)
Epistola SEXTILIS 2761 legati pro praetore

Salvete Galli!

July has passed with its first summer activities, its new family events.

Sextilis is coming with holidays, specially in Europe and Gallia.

But Sextilis will overall be the month of the Conventus Novae Romae. Last year scheduled in Spain (Hispania) and finally cancelled, the yearly event has been organized by our dynamic friends of Dacia, the current Rumania.

The Conventus will thus take place from the 30th of July to the 4th of August, mainly in Baile Herculane, a beautiful village in the western part of Rumania, near the Serbian border and the Danube.

Though the Dacian organizing team lead by Leg. pp. T. Iulius Sabinus seems having well organized things and specially the housing and the visits, meeting other Novaromans will be the most important time of the Conventus. Rumanians and Hungarians will be there, along with Italians and Finnish, a few U.S. citizens, including our Consul Marcus Moravius Piscinus, and M. Lucretius Agricola, coming from Japan.

Both consuls will be there, one tribune, two aediles, several senators... : here a good cast to have interesting discussions.

This is why these kind of events are precious, for meeting physically people is the best way understanding each other and being able to build and develop projects together.

P. Memmius Albucius

Gallia and its territorial organization
Quirites French
association web site
Quirites is a close partner in France for Provincia Gallia.
Quirinus, the Quirites webzine
Let us protect the Royal eagle, symbol of Rome!
[1] Magna Mater temple project: protection, study, development
Blog Apollonius
The "Blog Apollonius" is a blog created by S. Apollonius Scipio, former governor and now praefectus of Gallia. It is one of the musts of the world Archeological information on Roman and Ancient times.
Three generations of French citizens.

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