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A praefectus is an appointee of high rank to serve for various tasks. Praefecti can be appointed either by magistrates or by the senate, but regularly they are appointed by magistrates with imperium.

The most distinctive praefectura office in Nova Roma is the governorship of Italia, the office of the praefectus Italiae.

Some examples for praefecti in Nova Roma, without complete listing:

  • Praefectus Italiae - The highest ranking among the praefecti in Nova Roma, and the only one that has imperium. The praefectus Italiae is the governor of Italia Nova Romana, appointed by the senate. The praefectus Italiae has imperium and is entitled to six lictores and sella curulis, and to all powers and privilegies that are granted to the normal governors.
  • Praefectus regionis - The prefect of a geographic political district of a province, holding the rank of legate, appointed by the governor to oversee and manage the day-to-day operations of the appointed regio. He is a member of the cohors praetoria and consilium provinciae and does not have imperium.

This is a listing of current praefecti:

Praefectus Italiae

Praefecti regionum

List of current 1st rank officials

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