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The purpose of this article is to give new citizens some ideas for starting their Nova Roma experience.



Mailing Lists

First of all, you might want to subscribe to a couple of mailing lists.

Clubs (Sodalitates)

Are you interested in a special aspect of Roman life? Something about ancient Rome tickle your fancy? Perhaps one of the sodalitates matches your interest.

Local Events and Groups

Get in touch with people in your area. Have some face-to-face interaction with other citizens.


Essential Latin

You'll find that the conversation in Nova Roma's various fora is peppered with Latin phrases. Here are a few quick-and-dirty lessons in "essential Latin" that might make things easier to comprehend for those who never took Latin in school:


The basic right-- some would say obligation-- of all Nova Roman cives. Learn about our voting procedures and your role in the voting process. You want to be involved? Vote.

The Ordo Equester

Are you able to make some sort of Roman-themed craft? Do you know how to sew? Have you been making caligae in your basement for 20 years and now you want to sell some of them? You can set up shop as a member of the Ordo Equester and help Nova Roma's treasury while turning a profit for yourself at the same time!


Most magistrates appoint assistants (called scribae) to assist with their duties. If you contact a magistrate and offer your service as a scriba you will almost certainly be given a job that will help you learn more about Nova Roma and Roma Antiqua.

Running for public office is yet another way to contribute to Nova Roma. There is an explanation of the various magistracies to help you figure out what you might find interesting.

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