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People from across the world have for decades come together to reenact historical military and civilian life at various periods in time. A large number of these are dedicated to the Roman era. The level of historical detail required varies from Legion to Legion, and some engage in mock combat while others display their prowess at period drill and camp life. As part of our efforts to bring ancient Rome back to life, Nova Roma is beginning to sponsor the activities of various Legions across the world.

Sodalitas Militarium

The Sodalitas Militarium of Nova Roma is devoted to the study of making war, as well as cataloging, modeling and re-enacting the great Military Forces that were Rome's. More information can be found on the Sodalitas Militarium page.

Sponsored Legions

Nova Roma has, from its beginning, sponsored reenactment units throughout the world. Benefits include citizenship, a listing on this page, and web server space. For more information, or to apply, please see the Legio Sponsorship Information page.

Nova Roma is proud to sponsor these fine Legions:

Legio XXIV Media Atlantia
Commander: Gallio Velius Marsallas

Based in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, Legio XXIV is a 1st-Century Imperial era reenactment unit. They were in attendance at Roman Days in Maryland and the Fort Malden Military TimeLine event in Amherstburg, Ontario.


Their site is loaded with links to other Roman Legions, Suppliers and contacts, along with many Historical Roman Organizations and data.  The "Links" pages, "Roman Names" page, "Glossary" and "TimeLines" are quite comprehensive, along with a "Photo Gallery thru Time."

Approved by Senatus Consultum, 17 March 1998


Legio VI
Praefectus Legionis: Aurelius Tiberius Ronanus

The Re-created Sixth Legion is based out of the Albany NY area.


Approved by Senatus Consultum, 30 June 2000


Legio V Alaudae (The Larks)
Centurio Primus Pilus: Gaius Atilius Lepidus

Based at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina, is a reenactment unit from the time of Iulius Caesar, its founder, through the 1st Century AD. The legion was reborn in September of 1999.

Contact E-mail:

Approved by Senatus Consultum on 5 December 2753


Legio XI Claudia Pia Fidelis
Commander: Claudia Octaviana Califia

Legio XI is a legion composed primarily of women, sanctioned by the SCA household of Rome. They are based in San Diego, California.


Approved by Senatus Consultum on 4 April 2754


Legio Secunda Augusta

Legio II Augusta is a recreation of a legion that served in Roman Britain from 70AD and later in Germania. The modern Legio II Augusta is in New Zealand.

Legio Secunda Augusta, P.O. Box 33-768, Takapuna, Auckland, NEW ZEALAND

Approved by Senatus Consultum on 18 July 2754


Legio XXIst Rapax
Commander: Kaeso Maximius Tiberius

Legio XXI Rapax is a group of dedicated individuals whose goal is to bring to life the military and civilian aspects of life in Ancient Rome. The Legio XXI Rapax is based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


Approved by Senatus Consultum on 3 July 2756



Our Equipment, Clothing and Accessories pages contain extensive information on Roman military equipment and weapons, and clothing including armor, tunics, and togas.


The Campus Martius Links page links to the web sites of many reenacting legions and other useful resources.

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