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Official Sponsorship of Legio Secunda Augusta

Based on the following application as received by the Senate, Legio Secunda Augusta is hereby recognized as a Sponsored Legion of Nova Roma, with all the rights, duties, and responsibilities attendent thereto.

> Full name of Commander of Legio: Consul Rob.
> Number of Legionaries in your Legio: 25
> Has the Commander attained the age of 18 years?  Yes
> Are there legionaries younger than 18 years in the Legio?  No - although
the minimum age is 16 and so there may be in the future.
> What Month/Year was your Legio formed?    Formed April 1995
> Time period of Reenactment of Legio: (Please check where appropriate) We
are based on the time that the Leg. II Augusta were based in Britain, from
about 70AD to the time the legion left for Germania.
> What made you choose this time period?
The period / legion we chose was based on the fact that most members are of
British descent (given NZ is a British colony) and so we felt it would be of
more personal interest to people, so once we chose the Leg. II Aug, we had
to choose the time period they were in Britain.  We have  deliberately not
been too specific about the time to encourage a bit of variety (to help in
displays were we can show the evolution over time of Roman military
equipment) and to make it easier for new people to cobble kit together from
what is available (esp. as it is next to impossible to get new stuff made
since every experienced blacksmith in the N.Z. re-enactment community is
working on the Lord of the Rings!)
> Please give us a brief history of your main activities as a Legio since
> formation.
We are a combat legion.  We use metal (but blunt) weapons and drill in
traditional Roman fighting techniques and formations.  We are building
towards drilling in Latin, but we have a large number of new people this
year (including me) so we are starting in English. We fight against (and
with) other re-enactment groups in NZ.  Often we are supported by (or
support) an affiliated Batavian auxiliary group based in West Auckland.  We
have also made some effort to help set up a Praetorian Guard unit, which if
of fluctuating activeness. We fight at three main camps that occur during
the year in NZ and occasionally some members attempt to make it to the
Australian Conference or Armadale camps held at Easter of alternate years.
We also do several public educational displays at schools, fairs, parades
and anywhere we can get into the public eye to promote history, Rome, the
Legion or just to have a good time.
> What Events/Projects does your Legio plan to undertake within the next 12
> months?
We have several events planned.  We will be undertaking a couple of
educational displays, one through the Auckland University Classical
Association at a Latin contest and the Kowhai festival in the town of
Warkworth.  There are also the three major events on the re-enactment
calendar in N.Z. - NAAMA (National Association of Ancient and Medieval
Arts), Ham Steak War (A traditional "silly") and the Easter re-enactment
camp in Palmerston North were we will be engaged in actual combat.
> What do you see as your long term plans/goals within 5 years?
 We wish to continue with attracting new members and building our
relationship with the Auckland Classics society to expand on the
educational/ display side of the clubs activities.  We will also be building
the fighting level of the club up and having all drills in Latin.
> How did you hear about Nova Roma Sponsorship of Legios?
Via the Website.
> What other Reenactment Legios have you had association with?
We have had activities with the legion VIIII HSPA in Australia and owe
nominal allegiance to Emperor Snorrie (or perhaps a small dog?)
> Are you associated with SCA or other Period Reenactment Societies?
We work with the SCA in New Zealand and co-operate with other "metal weapon"
re-enactment clubs within New Zealand to host events and participate in
events others are hosting.

Passed, Yes-14; No-0; Abstain-0


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