Legio Sponsorship

The following terms apply to such sponsorship:

Application Form for Nova Roma Sponsorship


Full name of Commander of Legio:

Legal name of above individual:

Email address:

Number of Legionaries in your Legio:

Has the Commander attained the age of 18 years?

Are there legionaries younger than 18 years in the Legio?

What Month/Year was your Legio formed?

Time period of Reenactment of Legio:(Please check where appropriate)

What made you choose this time period?

Please give us a brief history of your main activities as a Legio since formation.

What Events/Projects does your Legio plan to undertake within the next 12 months?

What do you see as your long term plans/goals within 5 years?

How did you hear about Nova Roma Sponsorship of Legios?

What other Reenactment Legios have you had association with?

Are you associated with SCA or other Period Reenactment Societies?


Nova Roma is a micronation patterned after the Ancient Roman Republican Model of culture and government. Out goal is the promotion/celebration of Roman culture, history, religions and philosophies. Although Nova Roma does not condone conquest or slavery, we recognize the unparalleled efficiency and the positive historical outcomes of the Roman military.

Our comprehensive website can be viewed by url www.novaroma.org. Citizenship is open to any person over 18 years regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation.

Although Nova Roma does not make citizenship mandatory, we encourage and invite its sponsored legionaries to consider Nova Roma citizenship, with all the opportunities and enjoyment this conveys. Legio Sponsorship is largely the purview of the Nova Rom a Senate, and the Sodalitas Militarium, the military association of Nova Roma. For further information regarding the Sodalitas Militarium, please write militarium@novaroma.org.


Nova Roma offers to link your website to hers and her auxillary websites to maximize traffic to your website on the web.

Nova Roma offers to keep your Legio appraised of all Nova Roma sponsored events and events sponsored by other Legios.

A Roster of all Nova Roma Sponsored Legios shall be distributed to each sponsored Legio via email.

Information support is offered. We will try to provide you with resources and information regarding you reenactment needs.

From time to time, as determined by the Senate and the Sodalitas Militarium of Nova Roma, awards of Rank and Privilege are bestowed upon Sponsored Legios of Nova Roma.


It is the expectation of Nova Roma that her sponsored Legios be willing to pariticipate in a Nova Roma based Legio Organization for Military reference and support.

It is the expectation of Nova Roma that her sponsored Legios be willing to assist in the promotion of Nova Roma through:

...the distribution of Nova Roma leaflets, pamphlets (provided by Nova Roma)

...the inclusion of the Nova Roma address, URL and her Mission Statement on any Legio-produced literature distributed at their events

Do you forsee any problems in fulfilling these commitments to Nova Roma?

Units wishing to be sponsored by Nova Roma, or that have more questions regarding the program, are encouraged to email the Consuls.

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