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Overview of "Vigintisexviri"
The vigintisexviratus is a college of the lowest elected magistrates and the name of their office literally means "Twenty-Six Men". There are various magistrates collectively called viginisexviri. Learn more...
Vigintisexviri in Roma Antiqua

The vigintisexviri was a college of minor magistrates in the Roman Republic and the name literally means "Twenty-Six Men". The college consisted of:

  • Decemviri stlitibus iudicandis - 10 magistrates who judged lawsuits, including those dealing with whether a man was free or a slave.
  • Tresviri capitales, also known as nocturni - three magistrates who had a police function in Rome, in charge of prisons and the execution of criminals.
  • Tresviri aere argento auro flando feriundo, also known as tresviri monetales - three magistrates who were in charge of striking and casting bronze, silver and copper (minting coins).
  • Quattuorviri viis in urbe purgandis, also known as quattorviri viarum curandarum - four magistrates overseeing road maintenance within the city of Rome.
  • Duoviri viis extra urbem purgandis, also known as duoviri curatores viarum - two magistrates overseeing road maintenance near Rome.
  • Praefecti Capuam Cumas - four praefecti sent to Capua and Cumae in Campania to administer justice there.
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Vigintisexviri in Nova Roma

One of the lowest elected offices of Nova Roma. They are:

  • Magister Aranearius - The Magister Aranearius is the official webmaster of Nova Roma. He is responsible for the design, the database, the server and maintenance, and any alteration of the website and of all official web sites sponsored by the Nova Roma, except for the parts under the control of other magistrates.
  • Editor Commentariorum - The Editor Commentariorum (editor of written news) is responsible for the production, publication, and distribution of the official publications sponsored by the State.
  • Rogatores - The Rogatores may carry out the routine maintenance of the Album Civium and the Album Gentium in concert with the magister aranearius.
  • Diribitores - Four Diribitores are responsible for the counting of votes.
  • Custodes - Two Custodes are responsible for certifying the tally of votes in elections as reported to them by the diribitores, breaking any ties among the centuries and tribes, and providing the results of elections to the magistrates presiding over the elections.
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Did you know?
  • Julius Caesar had served as curator viarum and restored parts of the Via Appia.
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