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This function will provide language-context sensitive text. In the DE, ES, FR, HU, IT, LA, PT, RO, RU namespaces, text will appear in the namespace language, if provided. In all other namespaces, and in the case that no translation is provided, the English text will appear..


This template will only be used to globalize other templates. There is no point to using it in articles directly.


{{GlobalText|DE = German text|EN = English text|EO = Esperanto text|ES = Spanish text|FR = French text|HU = Hungarian text|IT = Italian text|LA = Latin text|PT = Portuguese text|RO = Romanian text|RU = Russian text}}

All values are optional, except that the English text is used as a default, so should always be provided. If no texts are provided, nothing will be returned.

For your copy/paste pleasure:

DE = |
EN = |
EO = |
ES = |
FR = |
HU = |
IT = |
LA = |
PT = |
RO = |
RU= }}

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