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Gallia's flag

Novaroman provincia of GALLIA is in Western Europe and covers the territory of current states of France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Netherlands.

You may consult Gallia's site or parts of it - if already available! -
in French, Dutch and Latin, just by clicking on one of the words corresponding to the following current national flags/versions (France, Netherlands, Nova Roma):


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Publius Memmius Albucius

(Leg. pp.)
Epistola SEPTEMBRIS 2760 legati pro praetore

Salvete Galli!

In this new term month, Gallia has at the same time satisfaction and worriyng matters.

Worrying first, that regio Germania Inferior, which covers the Dutch-speaking part of our province, has not succeeded relaunching its dynamics, specially through a civis able to take over Gallia's action.

Worrying also about two of our most active citizens,
S. Apollonius Scipio and L. Rutilius Minervalis, who have been touched again by personal difficulties.
Our Minervalis, particularly, will have, at least for the coming months, to suspend his activity as legatus regionis and even as NR active citizen. All our thoughts do support him.

Worrying last about the several projects launched last spring: some of them will be delayed, specially the legio project.
I however trust Pr. Apollonius in carrying it forward.

But we have also real subjects of satisfaction.

First I will remind that the Senate has decided, in the beginning of this summer, to join Luxembourg to Gallia. I am longing to have the opportunity working with Luxemburgenses cives!

Then, satisfaction that, in the present web pages placed by Nova Roma at Gallia's disposal, that Gallia be able to develop its site, whose first materialization was issued by Propraetor Rutilius, then transformed by successor Apollonius.
Our government has chosen this year, rather than developing a new independant site, as have preferred most of Nova Roma provinces, relying on NR central tool. We naturally hope that it will answer our investment. Even if they are thus to be developed in a 'wiki language' frame, which is now NR site's one, our provincial pages will not allow free modifications. I thus ask any of your, Galli, who would like to contribute to this provincial site, to join me so that we could join the useful to the necessary.

Third satisfaction with our QUIRINUS webzine, which, thanks to Quirites association which has been entrusted with this project material realisation, has succeeded being issued third times since the begining of this year, and will go on being, with specially a new issue on the eve of October.

Satisfaction also after a very busy Novaroman summer (more than 3,400 kms!), which has seen our province be a part, for the first time, of several French manifestations devoted to research or historical reenactment. We have been able to see the work that is still to be made, in order that they may intend joining Nova Roma, with people who see our res publica as an anglo-saxon organisation composed by internauts who are disconnected from what is, for them, true Roman commitment : to meet each other, to be serious, to join in real projects. But at the same time, a first and important step has been made: showing them that NR Galli were people like them, with shared passions, and who are, like them ready to cross the country in order to celebrate Rome.

So we have a fifth satisfaction with the declared intention of people, that I met a few ones, to join Nova Roma, most being seduced by Gallia's new dynamics. Among them, I hope being able to confirm next month that young French Sextus Flavius Licinus, who has passed recently his citizenship exam, has successfully taken it.

Our last satisfaction is for the visit that Consul Ti. Galerius Paulinus has said that he would honour us. Hon. Galerius has thus agreed meeting us in Lutetia, at the end of september 2007. We are now impatiently waiting for him to confirm his precise arrival day, in order to welcome as he deserves to be.

P. Memmius Albucius

Gallia and its territorial organization
Castrum Bononiensis
Augustoduni pugna
Ancient World Forum

The "Forum du monde antique" (left) and the
visit of Consul T. Galerius Paulinus (right)
on next 28-30 Sept. 2007
Nova Roma Consul Galerius visiting Gallia
Quirites French
association web site
Quirites is a close partner in France for Provincia Gallia.
Quirinus, the Quirites webzine
Let us protect the Royal eagle, symbol of Rome!
Magna Mater temple, we may rebuild it.
Blog Apollonius
The "Blog Apollonius" is a blog created by S. Apollonius Scipio, former governor and now praefectus of Gallia. It is one of the musts of the world Archeological information on Roman and Ancient times.
Three generations of French citizens.

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