Provincia America Hispanica (Nova Roma)

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[[Category:Provincia America Hispanica (Nova Roma)]]
{{LanguageBar|Provincia America Hispanica (Nova Roma)}}
{{LanguageBar|Provincia America Hispanica (Nova Roma)}}
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[[Image:Austroccidentalismap.jpg|frame|right|A Map of the Province]]
[[Image:Austroccidentalismap.jpg|frame|right|A Map of the Province]]
[[Category:Provincia America Austroccidentalis (Nova Roma)| America Austroccidentalis]]

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Provincia America Austroccidentalis.gif


America Hispanica

Nova Roma

Gaius Tullius Valerianus Germanicus
CIV-Gaius Tullius Valerianus Germanicus.jpg


Welcome to America Hispanica, a province that boasts citizens in Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, and Utah. The patron deities of America Hispanica are representative of our beautiful and dramatic province: Diana, Goddess of Wild Nature and the hunt; Jupiter, God of the Sky; Apollo, God of the Sun; and Silvanus, God of Nature and Agriculture.

Our province was formerly called America Austroccidentalis, and, with the exception of Nevada, beyond the current States, Oklahoma and Texas also belonged to it. Our current name was introduced in 2013, but then it referred only to a Colorado and New Mexico. The current composition of our province was established in 2020, when the previous, smaller America Hispanica and the province of Amerca Deserta were merged, after 7 years of separation, and the original territory of our province was restored (minus Texas and Oklahoma, and with Neveda as a new addition).

A Map of the Province
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