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The gold SPQR in a gold wreath on a crimson field is the use-protected trademark of Nova Roma, Inc.‎

The Republic of Nova Roma, as a spiritual nation and symbolic state, lawfully and officially exists in the form of a non-profit educational and religious organization incorporated in the state of Maine, USA.

Notes on current status

Since Cn. Lentulo T. Domitio cos. MMDCCLXIX a.u.c., the Corporation of Nova Roma is separate from the Republic of Nova Roma, even though the members of the corporation are identical to the citizens of the Republic. The Nova Roman Republic is currently working as a free commonwealth of the community of Nova Roman citizens, and it is not equivalent to the Nova Roma Corporation, like it was before Cn. Lentulo T. Domitio cos. MMDCCLXIX a.u.c.. The reason for this separation is that the corporation currently has some problems with its legal status within the State of Maine, USA, and our community is working on the solution and reformation of its structure, and hopefully Nova Roma will have a completely working corporation this year (2021), which will be integrated into the frames of the Republic.

Nova Roman citizens are members of this corporation.

Our magistrates are the executive officers of the corporation:

  • 1. the Consules of Nova Roma are the co-presidents of the corporation;
  • 2. the Praetores of Nova Roma are the co-vice-presidents of the corporation;
  • 3. the Quaestores of Nova Roma are the co-treasurers of the corporation;
  • 4. the Censores of Nova Roma are the co-secretaries of the corporation.

The Senate is the Board of Directors. The Senate appoints a CFO and a CIO.

The Comitia are the supreme assemblies of Nova Roma, Inc.

The Constitution of Nova Roma serves as the bylaws for Nova Roma, Inc.

Articles of Incorporation

These are the current Articles of Incorporation in US Maine with its amendments. You can learn more about the incorporation and about our previous incorporation in New Hampshire.

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