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AC-2logo.png This page is maintained under authority of the Aediles Curules

Nova Roma provides the Macellum only as a courtesy for citizens. It does not endorse the selling or guarantee the quality and availability of products. The burden is on the buyer to make sure that the seller is legitimate and contractible. The informations given in the Macellum pages, either by text, sound or image, do not involve Nova Roma commercial responsibility, even if Nova Roma is brought, in order to allow the consumer carrying on getting the best information on the product and to correct a previously wrong information dispatched by the seller, to replace in these pages, an information or part of information by provisory one(s). If a seller cannot complete a transaction within three months, the buyer should contact the Aediles


About the macellum

The Macellum (as it is mistakenly called) is one of the commercial venues watched upon by the curule aediles of Nova Roma, according its Constitution
(Constitution, IV, A, 4, e). The more correct Latin expression for a marketplace is mercatus.

In the internet, Nova Roma has thus put in place this venue, inside its web pages and more precisely these curule aedilician pages, called Macellum (in Latin : "food market", particularly for meat, fish fruits, vegetables and delicatessen'). At the difference or "live" venues, the Macellum is permanent and online.

It allows the Equites, duly registered and up to date of their financial contribution to Nova Roma treasury, to have their activity or/and products promoted.

The Macellum also welcomes, but in a more limited space, commercial informations on the products salt by non-profit making corporations whose chair or representative is a Novaroman citizen. But in this case, the information will just concern one product and will be under the condition that the organization keeps on being a non-profit one, and has not become a trader itself.

Any citizen who wishes to sell goods or services and to make advertising on them, is welcome to petition the Censors for entry into the Equestrian Order. Equites (i.e. members of Ordo Equester) are expected to contribute a portion of the income they derive from such endeavors to Nova Roma Treasury.

Nova Roma Amazon affiliate

Nova Roma now has Amazon shops! When you buy through these shops, including "similar items" and items from your "wish list", part of your purchase prices goes to support Nova Roma:

Products to buy

Shops and vendors

Currently our Macellum is CLOSED. For more information, contact Nova Roma.



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