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A Sestertius Signum "Declaratio"

There are several reasons for Nova Roma to have a currency:

  • To build an active trade economy for Nova Roma.
  • To act as a promotional/collectable item to encourage public interest in Nova Roma.
  • To be a physical token of sovereignty, available to all citizens.
  • To help provide a Roman atmosphere at live Nova Roma events.
  • To enhance Nova Roma's status as a viable organization.
  • To help build a legacy for Nova Roma. (Coins can last centuries.)
  • To provide a Roman item that can be used as an offering to the deities of the Cultus Deorum.



Nova Roma coins will be made available for purchase and trade at Nova Roma events, through the official Provinciae, and through other vendors, supplies permitting.


Nova Roma sets the redemption value of its coins at 50 US cents (or the equivalent in other currencies) to 1 Sestertius. Nova Roma guarantees to redeem coins at this value so that they may be used as trade coinage at events, within NR Provinciae, trade with Ordo Equester vendors and more. Coins that have been deliberately defaced or altered are non-reedemable.

Nota Bene

For legal purposes these are trade tokens for use within Nova Roma, not an attempt to undermine the common currency of any macronation.

Catalog of coins


Two issues of sestertius signum have been produced.


No Denarii have yet been produced.


No Ases have yet been produced.

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